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Becoming an American Ninja Warrior: Interview with Meagan Martin


Whether you’re a reality TV junkie or an “I don’t even have cable” type, we can all agree that watching the incredibly fit athletes on American Ninja Warrior throw themselves at obstacles week after week is undeniably entertaining. Turns out that rock climbers, with their stacked upper bodies, overall coordination, and finger strength, are amazingly well suited for the show. Add to that the super strong group of women competing this season, and I was totally hooked! We caught up with ANW finalist Meagan Martin to get the inside scoop on what it’s like to be on the show and why she’s totally hooked just like us. 

CXC: Congratulations on making it so far in the competition and becoming the first woman ever to complete the Jumping Spider! There was an incredibly talented group of women competing this season. How do you think you inspired each other? How did the dynamics between the female competitors evolve as the competition went on?

MM: Thank you so much!!! I was really excited when I stuck that jump! I think that seeing the women knock down so many barriers this season, led to us inspiring each other in each round we faced. I think that the dynamic was always one that was really supportive, and it didn’t really change.

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Meagan Martin Crushes Qualifying Round of American Ninja Warrior

Powerhouse boulderer and former Division 1 pole vaulter, Meagan Martin, used her incredible strength and speed on last night’s episode of American Ninja Warrior to become one of just three women to ever complete the show’s famed “Warped Wall”. The competition consists of qualifying and final rounds in five cities across the US. Competitors who complete the finals course in their city go on to compete in national finals for a chance to win $500,000! Along with two other women, Meagan has made it through qualifiers and is moving on to finals, which will air later this summer. Meagan was our very first Girl Crush of the Month and contributed amazing insight to our piece Climbing and Intimidation, so it’s no secret that we are seriously rooting for her! Check out the video above to see her qualifying run, filled with spirited moments and a nail-biting finish. Congrats Meagan – we’ll definitely be following you on ANW!

Climb on!

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The Night Ashima Beat DWoods: Ring of Fire 2014


Now that I’ve finally picked my jaw up off the floor, I can sit down to recap last night’s Ring of Fire sport climbing competition finals at Central Rock Gym in Watertown, MA. OK, about the title, she didn’t EXACTLY beat Daniel Woods, but it was pretty amazing (I’ll explain below). First I have to say, I couldn’t imagine a more perfect setting for in an indoor ropes comp. The 50 foot, overhung lead wall that is the centerpiece of the CRG Watertown gym is the impressive stage, and the spectators can watch the action comfortably from two different levels in the gym. The lighting, music, and emceeing were all on point, the energy was high, and everyone was having a great time. And the setting! Wow. The setting was made for high drama, with big dynamics, weirdo clipping stances, knee bars, and fun inverted movements that had competitors hanging from their toes! So who rose to the top of this stacked competition? Read on to find out.

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How To Deal With Your Gnarly Climber’s Hands

Hands on a girls' day out bouldering

Look at these mitts! Our climber hands take some serious beating.

Don’t even get a climber started on hand care.  We climbers are a pretty obsessive bunch when it comes to certain details – shoes, shoe sizing, skin care, humidity, rock types, ropes, gear, grades, beta, etc.  We each have opinions on all of it, and some of us love to share these opinions, loudly.  In the past we did a post on foot care, and skin care, but so far have managed to tip-toe around this particular topic because we were dreading the angry comments it might inspire.  In the end we came up with this: If you ask 100 climbers what the best way to care for hands is, you’ll get 100 different responses.  In essence, there is not one “right” way. Everyone’s skin is different and has to do what works for them.  So today we’ll share with you some wisdom from skin care specialists and professional climbers alike, and then you can choose to obsess about it however you wish (because that’s just what we climbers do best). Here are some common questions climbers ask about skin care:

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The Low Down on the Heist

The 6 finalists in The Heist prior to the unveliing of the 2 finals'boulder problems and 1 finals sport route: Meagan Martin, Delaney Miller, Francesca Metcalf, Angie Payne, Kyra Condie, and Sasha DiGiulian

The 6 finalists in The Heist: Meagan Martin, Delaney Miller, Francesca Metcalf, Angie Payne, Kyra Condie, and Sasha DiGiulian

As youth competitors, Lily Canavan, Gabby Harden, and Olivia Ray pointed out at The Heist, in what other sport do you have the opportunity to be cheered on by the best of the best in the sport? Yet, that was exactly the environment created last Saturday as Meagan Martin, Sasha DiGiulian, Angie Payne and other pros sat alongside their fellow Heist competitors, analyzing, strategizing, and beta-sizing the comp’s problems. Crux Crush took this opportunity to talk with the finalists and citizen competitors about the comp, their inspirations, and their predictions about the future. Today, we share their responses and some images of their strength.

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Sasha Steals the Show at The Heist

Sasha DiGiulian concentrates on the final's sport route.

Sasha DiGiulian keeps her focus on the final’s sport route.

It was an exciting and jam packed day at Central Rock Gym Watertown yesterday as the ladies took over in every way, from planning, setting, and facilitating to bouldering, AND as a surprise twist in the finals: sport-climbing.  That’s right,  in addition to the two finals boulder problems, these ladies had to conserve their energy to finish off the night with a long overhanging sport climb!  In the packed yet supportive competition, pro and non-pro climbers competed alongside one another to claim a winning place in the citizen’s comp, or attempt to qualify for the finals. The Heist succeeded in its attempt to create a truly unique culture that emphasized and empowered female strength and community. Results were extremely close going into finals and remained tight throughout as competitors had to strategize around saving their energy on the especially difficult 2nd problem (no one sent!) and having enough gas left to on-site the steep final route that came in around 5.13a. Midway through it looked as if Angie Payne, Kyra Condie, or Delaney Miller could make a run at first place. In fact, at the end of the two final’s boulder problems, the ordering went from first to last: Angie, Sasha, Kyra, Meagan Martin, Delaney, Francesca Metcalf. Despite Delaney’s beautiful and delicate route climbing skills (she and Sasha were the only two to complete the route, although Kyra came close), in the end, Sasha DiGiulian proved her prowess as the best all-around dynamic climber of the bunch. Look for our interviews with the pros and some of the young gun competitors later in the week, but for now…the results:

1st: Sasha DiGiulian

2nd: Delaney Miller

3rd: Angie Payne

4th: Kyra Condie

5th: Francesca Metcalf

6th: Meagan Martin

Angie Payne making a go for it on the final's route.

Angie Payne making a go for it on the final’s route.

156 females competed  in The Heist.

A snapshot from the redpoint round of some of the 156 females who competed in The Heist.

Excellent work to everyone who competed yesterday! Climb on! ~Cate

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Psicobloc Recap with Delaney Miller

Sasha DiGuilian atop the wall at Psicobloc

Delaney Miller atop the wall at Psicobloc

Over the weekend pro climbers from around the world gathered in Park City, Utah to climb, party, and take 50 foot falls into Utah Olympic Park’s 750,000-gallon freestyle aerial training pool, at the Psicobloc Masters Series. Inspired by the first Psicobloc competition in Spain in 2011, this comp featured a 50-foot wall of 5.13c climbing for the women and 5.14b climbing for the men, with no ropes and only a pool to break their falls. Every type of climber was represented, from legend Lynn Hill, to young phenom Sacha DiGiulian, to powerhouse boulderer Alex Johnson. 16 female and 16 male climbers competed head-to-head in single elimination rounds until there was 1 woman and 1 man remaining. Here’s how it all shook out:

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Meagan Martin Talks Climbing & Intimidation


Meagan Martin on Bedwetters (V9) in Little Rock City

Earlier this week, guest contributor Andrea Brennen, shared her thoughts on Climbing and Intimidation and today she’s bringing us an interview she did with friend and fellow climber, Meagan Martin. Thanks again Andrea and Meagan!

Since the theme of this week is intimidation, we thought, who better to talk to than Crux Crush’s first girl crush of the month, super strong beast of a climber Meagan Martin?  After years of competing as a youth, Meagan took some time off of climbing to focus on pole vaulting before returning to the comp circuit as an Open competitor (MM, how are you such a badass?) She’s been tearing it up lately, making semi-finals at the Toronto World Cup, finals at Central Rock Gym’s Ring of Fire comp, and finishing 2nd at the Dominion River Rock Tour.  Here’s what she has to say about feeling intimidated and not letting it get the best of her:

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Ring of Fire Competition Recap


Meagan Martin on the women’s finals route

This weekend, Central Rock Hadley hosted their third annual Ring of Fire competition. Crux Crush was there from the beginning to the end as participants in the Intermediate category and observers of the phenomenally strong climbing that was going down. You name the strong route climber, they were there, and even a few boulderers attempting to defy their endurance odds to win a part of the $10,000 in cash prizes. What started as a laid back, chill, and very unique approach to the sport climbing comp built up to a dramatic dropping of a 60 foot tall curtain revealing the women’s and men’s finals routes, criss-crossing one another up the arch of the gym.  Read more on the comp below and check out more images of the comp in our photo gallery.

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Johnson and Martin Crushing in Joe’s Valley



Last weekend current Girl Crush of the Month, Alex Johnson, and former Girl Crush, Meagan Martin, (don’t worry Meg, once a Girl Crush always a Girl Crush) threw down in Joe’s Valley, Utah. Alex sent Jigsaw (V11) which you can watch Mina Leslie-Wujastyk sending here and Meagan sent Resident Evil (V10). These two are continuing to impress outside on real rock. Congrats ladies!

(Info thanks to 8a.nu. Photo Credits: The Daily Send and A.M. Fotography)

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