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Reel Rock 11!

This week, we’re psyched to share the recently released Reel Rock trailer, featuring Ashima and Brette Harrington as the stars of the show (in our biased opinion, anyways). Hop on over to the Reel Rock tour website for your local showings and get some friends together to check it out.

Climb on!

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Reel Rock 8 Film Review

This month Reel Rock kicked off its 8th annual international film tour. The tour is a compilation of some of the year’s best climbing related films from production companies like Big Up and Sender Films, among others. Reel Rock 8 is a collection of four films: The Sensei featuring the legendary Yuji Hirayama and Daniel Woods, Spice Girl featuring British trad climber Hazel Findlay, Stone Masters, a teaser clip from the documentary Valley Uprising, and High Tension, capturing the violent clash between Ueli Steck and the Sherpas on Everest. If you’re unfamiliar with the Reel Rock Tour you might brush it off as just another climbing movie; however, you would be missing out. Over the last 8 years, Reel Rock has crafted a masterful approach in capturing the sweat, passion, pain, psych, and drive behind climbers who are pushing the limit through breathtaking cinematography and a heart-pumping soundtrack. Following the 2010, ’11 and ’12 Reel Rock Films, I left ready to say, “screw work!”, hop in my car and drive straight to the crag, never looking back. Yet, this year’s film failed to build that same momentum.

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