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Dynamic Stretching: Fad or Fact?

What exactly is dynamic stretching, other than some fad circulating from the depths of the internet? Dynamic stretching is the combination of stretching and movement. In other words, rather than holding one position for 10-30 seconds, as you would for a static stretch, you move through a range of motion using both muscular control and momentum.

Here’s an example:


Static Stretch

Dynamic Stretch

Dynamic Stretch

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Six Yoga Stretches for Climbers


Kaylee putting her yoga strength and flexibility to work

We first met Kaylee Frano at MetroRock’s Granite Girls Climbing School, where she led a post-climbing stretching session. After just 20 minutes of her yoga-inspired stretches she had us all completely relaxed and wanting to learn more. As an avid yogi for over 7 years and a climber for almost 3, Kaylee quickly realized the benefits that stretching had on her climbing. Currently, as a youth team coach at MetroRock, she incorporates yoga stretches into team practice. Today she brings us six stretches that are great for every climber: 

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