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Vian Charbonneau is a thug, sends Thug Life (5.13d)

Climbing takes strength, flexibility, technique, precision, focus, and the ability to keep your cool even when you’re hanging upside-down many feet away from your bolt. In this video of Vian Charbonneau you see all these skills put together, as she takes down this steep, overhanging beast of a climb, Thug Life 5.13d in Red River Gorge.  Watching this video is a lesson in not only cutting your feet like a boss, but also using amazing footwork (and let’s not forget her brute strength, there’s that too) to move through a really sustained overhanging route.  What’s really cool to watch is that she has a very definitive style.  Earlier this year Vian also earned an FFA of Divine Fury, 5.14b in Maple Canyon, Utah.   So clearly homegirl loves an overhanging route.  See video of the send here.

We’ll continue to watch out for what Vian does next!

-Climb (Thug) On!


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