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Dynamic Stretching: Fad or Fact?

What exactly is dynamic stretching, other than some fad circulating from the depths of the internet? Dynamic stretching is the combination of stretching and movement. In other words, rather than holding one position for 10-30 seconds, as you would for a static stretch, you move through a range of motion using both muscular control and momentum.

Here’s an example:


Static Stretch

Dynamic Stretch

Dynamic Stretch

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Warming Up for Your Project with Angy Eiter

Angela Eiter on "Era Vella" her 3rd 9a route. Margalef, Spain. Foto: Bernardo Gimenez

Angy Eiter on Era Vella, her third 9a/5.14d route.

Today, Austrian climber and World Cup multi-medalist, Angy Eiter takes us through her strategy of warming up for projects. As one of a handful of women to ever climb 5.14d, Angy has proven that she’s doing something seriously right, so read carefully, warm up, and get on the send train.

Warming up was always an essential part when I was a competitor, and it was quite obvious to me that my best performances were linked to a good warm up. I consistently followed a strict warm up routine for 90 minutes to perform well at the right moment. Now, as I have shifted my focus to outdoor climbing, my experience as a competitive climber has enormously benefited my climbing projects. Here is the general process I follow when warming up for a project:

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