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Approach Shoe Review – Fall 2016

Since we probably spend more time in our approach shoes than our actual climbing shoes, it’s worth investing in a pair that can help you scramble up a tough approach, hike off a multipitch, and be comfortable enough to belay in for hours.  Below are our picks for the season:


Arc’teryx Arakys – What I love about these shoes is that while they may be approach shoes, they are cute and stylish at the same time, coming in a great bright teal color that doesn’t get scuffed too easily. I usually wear a 7.5 when it comes to regular shoes, but for these I had to size down to a 7 since they run a little big. These shoes are designed to be minimalist and so rather than having bulky laces that get tangled, they use a buckle strap to make putting them on quick and efficient. They are super comfortable and have great arch support, so if you are flat footed or require shoes with added support, these shoes will keep your feet happy. The outsole is made of Vibram rubber, a high friction rubber, which makes scrambling up 4th class approaches very secure. Not only are they good for any type of terrain, they are good for almost all types of weather. I wore them in a downpour for a good half an hour and was surprised to find the inside of my shoes only slightly damp. The mesh around the shoe also makes the shoe very breathable making it a perfect hot weather shoe. The heel is collapsible, making it a perfect belay slipper. Arc’teryx is known to be expensive, so $150 may seem steep for a pair of approach shoes, but for the the price, this shoe is definitely worth it. I’ve been wearing them nonstop since I got them!

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Shoe Review – Evolv Cruzer


Call me materialistic, but being greeted at the door by a Zappos box stirs up a Christmas morning-esque excitement in me. Next comes the traditional tearing open of the box and hoping to find that fits-like-a-glove Cinderella slipper inside. My most recent “perfect slipper” experience was with the Evolv Cruzer, a really well designed minimalist approach shoe. Here’s why I’m smitten:

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Shoe Review – Five Ten Guide Tennie


Those of us who’ve tried hiking into a crag wearing flip flops or Chuck Taylors understand the importance of a good approach shoe. We learned the hard (ahem…stupid) way, but we’re finally seeing that scrambling up rocks is a whole lot easier and safer when you’ve got a sticky sole and some support. Here, in my long-term review of the Five Ten Guide Tennies, I’m giving the oft-forgotten approach shoe a little attention.

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