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Do you need a rock climbing app? The technological advances of the twenty-first century have certainly made it a fantastic time to be a rock climber. The growth of smartphones has placed us in an advantageous position: we have access to a limitless library of information, yet robots have not yet risen to enslave humans.

For the time being, we may relax and climb to our hearts’ content, free of our computerized rulers. The whole industry of rock climbing app creation has grown alongside the emergence of the smartphone. Many of the applications available for rock climbers are specifically designed to improve our sport.

Some climbing apps are like digital guidebooks, while others are meant to help you get better at training. A couple more will help you navigate challenging approaches. I took it upon myself to cut down the list to help you choose the best climbing app for your needs.

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Gaia GPS

Gaia GPS is without a doubt one of my favorite applications. Gaia GPS gives your smartphone the power of a separate GPS device at a fraction of the price.

Gaia GPS provides users with global GPS capabilities as well as a choice of maps for use while climbing, trekking, and adventuring. Topo maps, colored slope maps, land use maps, and other maps are all available to assist you in exploring the world’s crags and routes.

Gaia GPS’s ability to generate tracks and waypoints is my favorite feature. This function has been used to track difficult approach paths, hiking trails, crag sites, and other general areas of interest.

In my Gaia GPS program, I have multiple folders, each dedicated to something I find intriguing. I usually keep track of trail and crag sites, as well as things of interest that I come across. It creates an intriguing geographical log of my outside time. That alone is worth the little monthly fee to me.

When you’ve completed recording your tracks, you may organize them into folders and examine them on the main map. The app gives you more information, like elevation profiles, how fast you’re moving, and how long the hike is.

Even better, the GPS data may be exported for use in other programs. Gaia GPS is free, but you can only use all of its features if you pay for an annual membership, which gives you access to hundreds of base maps and lets you see your location even when you’re not online.

Gaia GPS has previously been shown to be valuable to me. When I go climbing, camping, or even just hiking, I always carry my phone with me so that I can use the Gaia GPS app. I’ve had a lot of success mapping out hiking routes with Gaia GPS in Yosemite National Park, and Flagstaff among other places. The ordinary plan costs $20 per year, while the premium plan costs $40 per year.

A free, bare-bones version is available for download. Get a Gaia GPS Membership Discount! You may save 20% on your subscription by joining. Gaia GPS is available on iOS and Android.

PeakVisor App

PeakVisor is the Augmented Reality app I’ve been fantasizing about. The PeakVisor app, which is available for both iOS and Android, allows climbers to identify any mountain peak, high point, or even castle on the globe.

PeakVisor provides relevant, identifying information about every peak within line of sight to its users. Simply point your phone towards a mountain range to receive names, elevations, and profiles. The program is free to download, but a paid version allows you to use it offline. Data can be downloaded offline, so PeakVisor Pro can be used in remote, rough places where there is no network connection.

PeakVisor is handy for navigating, locating approaches, and simply learning more about the mountains and crags around you. If you apply your imagination, PeakVisor may be utilized to improve your gym climbing experience. Point the app at a gym boulder issue, align it with a neighboring mountain, and believe you’re alpine climbing. PeakVisor is available on iOS and Android.

MyClimb App

MyClimb is one of the most popular climbing applications available. MyClimb is a fantastic piece of software that combines two helpful functions.

  • It is a tracking app, first and foremost. Climbers may use MyClimb to keep track of their routes ascended as well as their exercises.
  • Second, it is a social app for climbers to find climbing companions.

The MyClimb app, designed by climbers for climbers, provides a plethora of helpful information for tracking your climbing progress. It is possible to track climbs according to grade, discipline, and location. It is an excellent tool for tracking your ticks at rock climbing gyms and crags, in addition to demonstrating your progression through the various rock climbing grades.

Even better, the app works with many different international climbing grade scales, making it easy for climbers to convert their routes to different scales. This app’s social features are where it shines. Climbers may use the partner finding tool to identify other climbers in their region to meet up with and climb with.

MyClimb is one of the most trusted social and training apps for rock climbers. Its members have recorded more than 2.5 million climbs and it has a directory of more than 10,000 climbing gyms and sites. Climbers may even create climbing and fitness challenges for others, and leaderboards offer a competitive element. It’s similar to Tinder, but for climbing. MyClimb is available on iOS and Android versions

MyClimb has made some significant adjustments since I wrote this blog article! The software has been improved to help you with your climbing fitness routine and includes new social elements. Among the changes are…

  • Professional Workouts: You can now train like a pro rock climber. Workout challenges created by professionals are included with MyClimb!
  • Goals: MyClimbs’ new Goals function, which will be available in 2021, will allow you to establish and set climbing goals. The app will keep you motivated by measuring your progress and keeping you on schedule to climb more difficult routes.
  • Free to Climbing Gyms: Many rock climbing gyms are failing as a result of the current COVID-19 Pandemic. MyClimb is giving itself away free to climbing gyms to alleviate the strain and assist the climbing community. All of the standard gym functions, such as climbing leagues and setting management, are included.

Mountain Project Application

Climbers will like the Mountain Project App. Climbers may download Mountain Project’s whole route database onto their smartphone via the “MoPro” software, allowing them to access Mountain Project on the move. The software can be used without an internet connection, so it can be used even in the most remote alpine places.

Traveling climbers may use the built-in GPS functions to locate the closest crags. Climbers, just like on the website, may leave comments, upload images, tick routes, and spray beta! The Mountain Project App is similar to having a library of user-curated guidebooks. Mountain Project was bought by REI in 2015, and since then, the MoPro app has been updated often and well taken care of.

In my opinion, the MoPro app works best when accompanied by traditional guidebooks. When utilized together, the two enhance each other. Guidebooks are often more in-depth, but the Mountain Project App bridges the gap between route conditions and approach beta.

To assist you in obtaining all of the betas, the Mountain Project app may be simply integrated with guidebook applications like Rakkup or 27Crags. This software may comfortably rest on its laurels, and it may be the last climbing app you’ll ever need. The Mountain Project App is available on iOS and Android versions.

Warning: The Mountain Project Forums, as important as they are, are a procrastination black hole. The climbing community is in a rut because they keep reading the same, recycled conversations about black totem cams and sport bolting ethics over and over again. You do so at your own risk.


Gaia GPS gives users worldwide GPS capabilities as well as a selection of maps to use while climbing, hiking, and adventuring. There are topo maps, colored slope maps, land use maps, and more available to help you explore the world’s crags and routes. Climbers may use the PeakVisor app to identify any mountain peak, high point, or fortress on the planet.

Gaia GPS allows you to view your location even when you are not connected to the internet. MyClimb is, first and foremost, a tracking app. Second, it is a social app that climbers may use to discover climbing partners. MyClimb is a well-known social and training app for rock climbers. Its users have logged over 2.5 million climbs, and it maintains a list of over 10,000 climbing gyms and sites.

Climbers can utilize the partner search function to discover other climbers in their area. The Mountain Project App connects route conditions and approach beta. The MoPro app works best when used in conjunction with traditional guidebooks. The Mountain Project app may be simply connected with guidebook applications like Rakkup or 27Crags, which will assist you in obtaining all of the available betas. 

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