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Campusing Rock Climbing

Campusing Rock Climbing

For a variety of reasons, the campusing rock climbing board training may be a daunting aspect of the gym for many climbers. Since we don’t know where to begin. However, if you want to progress as a boulderer or sports climber, the campus board may surely be a valuable ally in your training. The campusing rock climbing board helps to train recruitment and rate-of-force development (RFD) in your finger and arm flexors by providing “reactive …

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Rock Climbing Pull Up Bar

Rock Climbing Pull Up Bar

Need assistance selecting the finest rock climbing pull up bar for you? This guide includes all of the answers! The rock climbing pull-up bar should be your first choice if you’ve decided to add some training equipment to your home gym. It is affordable, simple to use, and simple to set up, and it provides different training options and advantages. The pull-up is a bodyweight exercise that mimics everyday actions and is used in both …

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rock climbing weight loss

Rock Climbing Weight Loss

Rock climbing is an exciting and adventurous activity, but many people are unaware that it can have significant advantages for overall health and weight loss. The cardio and strength training that rock climbing entails, as well as the general levels of fitness necessary to climb, may be incredibly beneficial for someone looking to lose weight or improve their fitness levels. So here are some reasons why you should begin a decent climbing training regimen. Check …

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Alternatives To Rock Climbing

Alternatives To Rock Climbing

If rock climbing isn’t your thing, you’ll be happy to learn that there are other alternatives to rock climbing to get a good workout than climbing rocks. These alternatives to rock climbing include anything from scenic hikes to modern fitness trends like movement and calisthenics, and they are just what you need to break up your normal workout routine. There are a lot of gyms and other places that are dedicated to rock climbing in …

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Is Rock Climbing Hard

Is Rock Climbing Hard

Rock climbing has evolved from a niche adventure sport to a popular hobby in the last decade. Let’s find “is rock climbing hard?” Well, Rock climbing is hard for a beginner since it requires leaving the protection of the earth. There is also a lot of equipment required in rock climbing that isn’t utilized in other sports, like ropes and harnesses, which might make climbing appear even more difficult to a beginner. You must follow …

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Improving Climbing Performance With The Trailside Kitchen

We are about to cover the topic; Improving Climbing Performance: Before trying out the Trailside Kitchen, I’d never attempted any sort of sustained dietary modification. Most of my meal planning revolves around trying to balance medical school and climbing on a budget. My favorite crag snack is Goldfish, and, more often than I’d like to admit, my pre-climbing breakfast is cannoli from the Italian bakery around the corner (since that’s the only thing open at …

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Conquering A Fear Of Falling

Today Chelsea shares her story & useful tips for conquering a fear of falling with you. Chelsea has been climbing for 11 years and has dedicated her life’s work to outdoor education as an Outward Bound instructor. The self-proclaimed lover of all styles of climbing: bouldering, sport, trad, mountaineering, and ice, has worked hard to overcome her fear of falling.  Chelsea on Fuzzy Undercling (5.11b) in the Red River Gorge. Photo by Erik Thatcher. I …

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Tips To Trad: A Beginners Guide

Tips To Trad: A Beginners Guide: When I began trad climbing earlier this spring, I was entirely perplexed about where to start. I kind of felt like… And though I’d like to say trad isn’t complicated, that’s not really true. Women on lead: an interview with the setters of the Austin bouldering project The sheer amount of gear alone is overwhelming! Don’t worry, you probably won’t need this much. Photo by Weigh My Rack The fact …

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Up Your Game With An Online Climbing Coach

Up your game with an online climbing coach: If you’ve been climbing for a few years, then it’s likely that you have (or soon will) reached a plateau in your climbing ability. Answering the question “How can I improve at climbing?” is a difficult one. Climbing is a relatively new sport, and theories around training are still being developed. It can seem like everyone you talk to has radically different ideas about what works best, …

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A Nutritionist’s Approach To Weight Loss For Climbing

Healthy Weight Loss For Climbing: In my experience as a chef and a nutritionist, I’ve found there are a few simple components to a successful weight loss regimen: Eat Real Food Train More Cardio Time A Positive Mindset No one element will work perfectly if adopted on its own.  Personally, I combine all of these tactics, with slight modifications.  Each individual and each body will respond to these components differently, so it’s important to see …

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