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Newbie Climbing Training: Power

In this piece of content, I will be sharing newbie climbing training tips, so stay tuned. When I first started climbing almost two years ago, Jackie Pettitt was my introduction.  A beautiful, bespectacled, tattooed, tiny brick s%$t house.  I walked into the gym for my basic safety course, and I remember her teaching me how to tie in, and being distracted by her impressive biceps, thinking, “Is this what I’m going to look like if …

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3 Training Questions All Climbers Should Ask

3 training questions all climbers should ask; Last week we brought you Three Training Myths for Female Climbers written for us by Steve Bechtel of Climb Strong. Today, Steve is back with three very important training questions climbers should ask themselves. Though they’re geared towards females, these questions definitely apply to guys too! So go ahead and know these 3 training questions: all climbers should ask.   Question #1: Am I Supporting Or Sabotaging My …

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Three Training Myths For Female Climbers

Today’s post was written specifically for our site by nutrition expert, performance coach, and personal trainer, Steve Bechtel. Long before the inception of Crux Crush, we were reaping the benefits of Steve’s articles and training advice on Climb Strong, and today we’re very excited to share his words of wisdom on three training myths for female climbers, specifically for females. Here’s what he had to say: Climbing is hard and training for climbing is even harder. Here’s …

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The Rock Climber Training Manual: Actually Following A Training Plan

The rock climber training manual: In the 7 years that I’ve been climbing, I’ve followed exactly zero training plans. It’s not that I didn’t want to get better at climbing, or that I doubted the training plan would work. The factors preventing me from training, any longer than a day, stemmed from a combination of motivation, commitment, and time management…that is, until reading the Anderson brothers’ Rock Climber’s Training Manual: A Guide to Continuous Improvement. …

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