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Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way: Climbing with a Chronic Illness

Chronic 2

Feeling exhausted for the right reasons in Montserrat, Spain

Thank you to today’s guest contributor, Leigh-Anne, for sharing her story with us.

A colleague introduced me to climbing a few years ago in the hope it would help with my insomnia. Little did I know that climbing would help me with so much more than insomnia. When I first got into climbing, I was going through a tough time having lost my father to cancer and trying to complete my architecture course at Leeds Beckett University. Climbing was a revelation – I felt free. I didn’t have time to think about any of my worldly worries. I was too busy clinging to minuscule rock indentations while my feet smeared the wall with the aid of shoes that made me feel like Spiderman. I was addicted.

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Girl Crush of The Month: Lizzy Asher


When we first met Lizzy at last month’s Iron Maiden bouldering competition (where she took second place just behind Angie Payne, BTW) we were impressed by her technique, strength, and the way she approached the day with the poise of a seasoned competitor. Well, it turns out that’s exactly what she is (and a lot more)!  Born in Austin, Texas and currently working on her PhD in Vancouver, Lizzy’s recent participation in the comp circuit has been somewhat under the radar. “I competed with great regularity all through college and until I began my PhD program at the University of British Columbia,” she explained, “I balance climbing and my other life goals sometimes with difficulty but always with great enthusiasm and true grit…I’m not happy being exceptionally good at one thing only-I would rather be very good at a few of them!”  When Lizzy isn’t climbing, she is out to sea (like, literally, on a sea vessel) for her research in oceanography and atmospheric sciences, traveling to Antarctica, the Arctic, and the Northeast Pacific.  Yet she somehow still manages to find time to climb 5.14, boulder V11 (and work V12, but we’ll get to that), and train for the upcoming World Cup Bouldering Series. So, if you haven’t heard of Lizzy yet, we have no doubt that you soon will.  Read on to find out more about our smarty-pants, seasoned, and super strong girl crush of the month!

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Mina Schools us in Projecting V11

Here, UK native and decorated competition boulderer, Mina Leslie-Wujastyk, shows us what it means to project Careless Torque, a V11 in the Peak District, England. Of course I was blown away by her climbing technique and high-ball falls, but I was equally impressed by her honesty and candidness. You can tell she genuinely loves problem solving and testing her limits, but with a calm thoughtfulness.

The video’s production quality and sound design also shouldn’t go unnoticed. A 9 minute video of one woman climbing about 20 feet of rock could certainly get boring, but the production mixed with Mina’s commentary sucked me right into that damp, chilly English landscape and had me rooting for her to send.

You can find more about Mina on her site http://www.minalesliewujastyk.com/.


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