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8 Tips for Adventure Filmmaking

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We caught up with one of our favorite filmmakers, Jen Randall of Light Shed Pictures, to get her tips on adventure filmmaking. Jen’s films have won tons of awards at Banff, Edinburgh, and Vancouver Mountain Film Festivals, and she’s got a new project in the works called Psycho Vertical. To learn more about the project check out her Kickstarter.

1. Work Out What Your Film is About
My most successful film so far has been Operation Moffat – it’s been in a load of festivals, is for sale online and won 16 awards. It’s also the only project where, very early on, my co-director and I spent 5 days in a hut working out what it was we wanted our film to explore and why. This meant that during the shoot we had more focus and a clearer idea of what we were making. It also made the edit a little more straight forward because I had an outline of our story ready and waiting – often a whole film is worked out in the edit room which is also exciting, but certainly more time consuming.

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Jen Randall’s Latest Film Adventure: Operation Moffat


Today one of our favorite adventure filmmakers, Jen Randall of Light Shed Pictures, tells us about the making of her latest project for BMC TV, Operation Moffat. Read on for her candid story, watch the trailer below, and definitely check out the film at your nearest film festival.

This film was a project I took on because it was a job. To be honest, making a film about a climber from generations gone by has never been top of my list. So when Claire Carter and BMC TV asked if I’d be interested in making something short about Gwen Moffat – a pioneering climber and mountaineer from the 40s onwards – I agreed because I thought it would be interesting, but didn’t plan on making it the biggest project of my year. A ten-minute film they said, using photographs and an interview. I could do that.

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Project Mina: Interview with Jen Randall & Mina Leslie-Wujastyk

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Today we’re super excited to share an interview with not only one, but TWO totally rad ladies, filmmaker Jen Randall of Light Shed Pictures and world-class boulderer Mina Leslie-Wujastyk. Over the past two years Jen and Mina have been working on Project Mina, which follows Mina through the 2013 World Cup as she tries to balance her love for outdoor climbing and her incredible desire to find success as a competition climber. The finished product is a compelling must-see and a breath of fresh air for climbing films. 

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The Art of Climbing Film: Interview with Filmmaker Jen Randall

“The goal of the project was unwavering: I wanted Push It to spread the psych.”

We were impressed by the trailer for Jen Randall’s Push It (above) well before its full-length release, and knew when we started Crux Crush that she was someone we needed to connect with. At her film and photography company Light Shed Pictures, Jen manages to make beautiful and thoughtful films without an ounce of pretension. Her editing, subject, and audio choices create a meaningful experience for the viewer, that leave you feeling like you know the climber, the location, and Jen herself. Push It, Jen’s largest self-directed and produced film to date, is a 30-minute climbing film featuring Jen’s own journey up El Capitan and short bios of several female climbers. The film is a finalist at The Banff Mountain Film Festival this year and is now available to buy or rent online (enter code CRUX13 for 20% off too!). This Vancouver-born and Scotland-raised 29-year-old is currently traveling around Europe in a camper with her new husband (congrats Jen!), making short films about European climbing destinations for Epic TV. We told you she was rad. Read on for our full interview with the super talented, Jen Randall.

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