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Mindfulness in Climbing

Photo credit: flowingspiritjourneys.com

Bringing a meditative mindset to the crag.  Photo credit: flowingspiritjourneys.com

Today’s post is from guest contributor Anna Enright, a climber, mother to 2 climbers, and a psychiatric clinical nurse specialist. She works with the youth team at MetroRock Climbing Centers on mindfulness practice for competition performance. We’re lucky that she’s shared some of her tips for honing your focus and awareness to send your next project!

A few summers ago, after years of watching kids in local and national competitions trying to perform their best, I became interested in learning what qualities enable certain climbers to succeed in a high pressure setting and others to falter in the same situation. How can an athlete cultivate those qualities if he/she is having difficulties when performing under pressure? After scouring the literature on the topic of peak performance, I found articles in the fields of neuroscience, positive psychology and mindfulness. Key mental skills include focus/attention, confidence, empowering thoughts and the ability to regulate emotions and energy.

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