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Sarah Hueniken Sends M12


Part of me was hoping I wouldn’t report any ice or mixed climbing news for at least a few months. No offense winter climbing, but it’s cold out there and we’re ready to get sweaty. Despite my little grudge with winter I couldn’t pass up Sarah Hueniken’s send of Musashi (M12) in the Cineplex Cave of the Canadian Rockies. If you’re like me and have pretty limited knowledge of mixed climbing, just know that you should be impressed. M12 is HARD and very few women are climbing at this level. Lucie Hrozova holds the title for hardest mixed climb by a female at M14, so it looks like Hueniken is chasing right after her. For more on Sarah check out her site at http://sarahhueniken.com/.
Congrats on the send! Now onward to spring and sunshine!


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Women Crushing all over the Place

While we’ve been digging out of Blizzard Nemo here in Boston, women over in Europe have been CRUSHING: 8c, 8c+ and M13+, to be exact.

Andrea Cartas sent Fish Eye (8c/5.14b), in Oliana, just as Adam Ondra sent the hardest line in the world, Dura Dura, right next door. In an interview on 8a.nu, Andrea talked about being inspired by Daila Ojeda, who sent Fish Eye two years ago. There’s just something about watching another woman climb that suddenly makes the impossible seem possible!


Yes, women can wear girly braids and send 8c. Photo credit: Carlos Padilla.

A day later, Evgeniya Malamid, sent Mind Control 8c+ (5.14c), a route originally put up by Chris Sharma. In the last year, 6 other women have also sent this route – like I said, nothing like another woman to inspire you to climb harder.

And then just to top it all off, Lucie Hrozova became the first woman to climb M14. (For non ice climbers, M signifies mixed ice and rock, 14 signifying HARD). Talk about inspiration! Now get out there and start CRUSHING!

Bad ass. Photo credit: planetmountain.com. Check out their site for more amazing photos.

Bad ass. Photo credit: planetmountain.com. Check out their site for more amazing photos.


Information thanks to 8a.nu.

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