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Salves for Sore Hands

Whether it’s cold weather, sharp rock, or a brand new hangboard, your climber hands need some TLC! Today, we review some of the products out there to keep your hands smooth, fresh, and flapper-free. We’ll start out with a few salves and finish up with some lotions specifically for athletes and climbers.

climber skin carecrossFIXE HANDS salve is great for preventing and quickly recovering cracks, tears, and flappers. As a part of the SKINourishment family this salve is made of all-natural, food grade ingredients. It feels soft and quite oily, but in a way that you know is bringing much needed moisturize to your skin. The tube applicator also allows you to apply without getting your other hand covered in salve. With ingredients like beeswax, coconut oil, and green tea oil the scent is natural, pleasant, and not overwhelming. You can also feel good about the packaging – it’s biodegradable and compostable.

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How To Deal With Your Gnarly Climber’s Hands

Hands on a girls' day out bouldering

Look at these mitts! Our climber hands take some serious beating.

Don’t even get a climber started on hand care.  We climbers are a pretty obsessive bunch when it comes to certain details – shoes, shoe sizing, skin care, humidity, rock types, ropes, gear, grades, beta, etc.  We each have opinions on all of it, and some of us love to share these opinions, loudly.  In the past we did a post on foot care, and skin care, but so far have managed to tip-toe around this particular topic because we were dreading the angry comments it might inspire.  In the end we came up with this: If you ask 100 climbers what the best way to care for hands is, you’ll get 100 different responses.  In essence, there is not one “right” way. Everyone’s skin is different and has to do what works for them.  So today we’ll share with you some wisdom from skin care specialists and professional climbers alike, and then you can choose to obsess about it however you wish (because that’s just what we climbers do best). Here are some common questions climbers ask about skin care:

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Dr. Jess Talks Skin Care


Today, Dr. Jessica Otis, who pops up on Crux Crush from time to time (check out her post on protecting your lats), is sharing her wisdom on skin care. Here’s what she has to say about keeping your outer layer in tip top shape:

From the chalk we cover our hands in, to the sun beating down on us while climbing a wall, and the cuts and scrapes that inevitably result from a day at the crag, climber’s skin takes a real beating. All too often we take the amazing healing and protective properties of our skin for granted. I, for one, was always a wash my face and slap on some body lotion or sunscreen kind of girl, until the arrival of some, ahem, “fine lines” on my face and a live in boyfriend with five times as many skin care products, which catalyzed an overhaul of my skin care routine. So today I thought I’d share what I’ve found works well for my skin to combat the effects of climbing.

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