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Aleksandra Taistra: Obsession & Balance

by Michal Lesniewski www.fotolesny.pl 3

Today we’ve got a special feature on Polish climber Aleksandra (Ola) Taistra by Zofia Reych of the UK blog Up That Rock. When she’s not busy managing her own training regime and sending 5.14s, Aleks spends her time  preparing training plans for climbers and coaching a team of young athletes. Aleks has even become Zofia’s online coach! So here’s a little piece on the truly amazing and multi-talented Aleks (Ola) Taistra. 

At sixteen, Aleksandra Taistra was a well behaved young lady. She was hoping to become a vet and start working with her beloved horses. Yet summer holidays brought an abrupt change of direction in her life as her mum sent her on a climbing camp to Jura, the biggest sport climbing region in Poland. Like so many others, she was instantly hooked. Unlike others, and much to the horror of her parents, in the first days after the holiday she threw away all the furniture from her room and built a training wall. Two years later she started university, but quickly dropped out, moved in with her boyfriend/coach, and began chasing her dream.

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