10 Best Rock Climbing Podcasts To Listen To In 2022

There are many excellent rock climbing podcasts because climbers like talking about the sport. They range from funny to emotional, insightful to strongly held opinions. Additionally, the themes are quite diverse, ranging from discussions on climbing training to amazing accounts of climbing adventures.

All of them offer insight about climbing, the outdoors, the super crushers, and methods you can strengthen yourself so you can juggle right behind your climbing hero. Some of these have been around since podcasts first got popular, while others are just getting started. We sincerely hope you savor them as much as we do!

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List Of 10 Best Rock Climbing Podcasts To Listen

1.      The Sharp End

The Sharp End brings to life the most terrifying epics a climber can imagine and includes stories from the American Alpine Club’s (AAC) yearly book, Accidents in North American Climbing. Ashley Saupe, who founded the Sharp End through the AAC, hosts the program. Saupe “interviews the climbers and rescuers engaged in life-threatening accidents and imparts their experiences, helping all of us become safer climbers,” according to the podcast’s synopsis.

Some of the information presented in the Sharp End can be a little difficult to swallow, so it’s definitely not a good idea for small children or anyone who has stomach aches. Listen to every episode and get unmatched information from the professionals and those who have survived the dangers of climbing and mountaineering and lived to tell the story, but, if you’re okay facing the uncomfortable truth about the deadly realities of the outdoors.

2.      The Enormocast – Continuing With Style

The very finest climbing podcast available. Each episode includes an interview with a climber who goes into great detail about their climbing background, current obsessions, and attempts to determine whether climbing is right for them.

Every interview was conducted in person until very recently, giving it a very personal feel. Chris Kalous, the host, is exactly the right amount of relaxed back, and his enthusiasm for climbing is evident at all times. The majority of the interviews are conducted in a casual setting that encourages climbers to be a little more open and discuss topics that would not be covered in magazine articles.

3.      Neely Quinn’s Training Beta Podcast

Neely Quinn’s Training Beta Podcast offers a behind-the-scenes look at how to advance your climbing. She interviews trainers for her podcasts to learn about strength, fitness, diets, and the mental techniques they employ to dominate and avoid injuries. Neely also speaks with the climbers who can easily scale cliffs, something most of us can only imagine. Her podcasts bring to light the reality that every one of us has somewhat different needs. While some people require planned schedules and a gym, others use a different approach and do their exercise regimen outside.

4.      Chalk Talk: A Climbing Industry Podcast

Chalk Talk is a podcast for the climbing community. a forum where experts in the rock-climbing business engage in stimulating and educational dialogue. in-depth interviews with route-makers, instructors, pros, gym owners and managers, and much more. The best location to gain inspiration and reflect on the direction the climbing industry is going in and how to advance your own climbing is Chalk Talk.

5.      For The Love Of Climbing – There’s More To Life Than Climbing

This podcast is not about climbing, as the slogan claims. A fantastic podcast discussing challenges affecting the climbing community and the general public. If we truly want climbing to be inclusive and inviting, as we frequently declare we want, it contains some incredibly honest and sensitive experiences that are worth listening to and acting upon.

including episodes on PTSD, racism, gender identity, death and grief, and other topics. These things are pervasive in climbing but hardly ever acknowledged, according to a common pattern. The podcast is really well-produced and well-thought-out, so they all make for excellent episodes.

6.      Bad Beta Podcast

Matthew Sapiecha, Anna Pirko, Steve Andrew, and Alisha Nachman, four climbers and van dwellers from Toronto, blend fun and controversy in an open debate about current events in the climbing community, things seen at the crag, and climbing trivia. The relaxed, humorous chats from the individuals behind the notorious Wesley Summers (of the Rock-Climbing Life blog) are certainly worth listening to, even if this more recent podcast only contained four episodes as of the time of publication.

7.      The Dirtbag Diaries

The Dirtbag Diaries delivers a ton of frequent shorter (10–15-minute episodes) that will encourage and motivate you to keep climbing no matter what, for those of you who are fortunate enough to have a short drive to the crag. Outdoor writer Fitz Cahall and his charismatic group of like-minded adventurers and dirtbags at heart bring you The Dirtbag Diaries. This podcast features tales of “dreamers, athletes, and wanderers” from around the globe.

Cahall skillfully combines everyday anecdotes on the route with fanciful tales about visiting the most distant parts of the planet to provide an entertaining collection of audio treats that will motivate both climbers and general travelers. Anyone who appreciates good ol’ storytelling over the campfire or who needs a fast pick-me-up to motivate them to get outside should give The Dirtbag Diaries a try.

8.      Jam Crack Podcast

Without a doubt, Niall Grimes is the craziest climber in the UK. You probably recognize him as the history guy from Hard Grim or from pretty much every video at a Sheffield climbing gym. In his own Jam Crack Podcast, Niall interviews and befuddles a number of capable and promising climbers from the UK.

9.      Best Podcast For Training: Power Company Podcast

The Power Company Podcast is a must-listen whether you’re an avid climber wanting to improve your skills in the gym or psych yourself up for your big project at the crag. In order to improve as a climber in all facets of the sport, Kris “Odub” Hampton and Nate Drolet speak with climbers, instructors, and subject matter experts. In a series of episodes dubbed “Boardroom Meetings,” they delve deeply into the psychological, physical, and emotional components of climbing before focusing on how to fix the most frequent errors they observe.

10. She Explores

Although She Explores is not a podcast about climbing, it does include voices that are sometimes overlooked in the outdoors and demonstrates how, despite our varied experiences, we can all relate to the inspiration we get when we are outside.

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