Climbing Gyms In Seattle

Climbing Gyms in Seattle: 4 Best Places You Need To Go

Scouring for the best climbing gyms in Seattle to put that mind and muscles to work? Here are the top best climbing gyms to climb in this awesome city.

Seattle being a big city in Washington, is reputable for its vast variety of climbing gyms. For this reason, deciding the best to pick can be pretty overwhelming. But, your local expert got you covered.

To make your choice easier, by the end of this article, you’d have figured out the best pick to help fulfill your ever-climbing needs. Check them out below! Also, Check out the best climbing route names here!

Edgeworks Climbing And Fitness, Seattle

Edgeworks, once known as Stone Gardens, has been in existence ever since the 1990s with the teams vowing that nothing has changed. Their climbing area boasts about 17,500sqft.

While Edgeworks features a variety of climbing spaces for tons of bouldering, top-roping, and a 45ft indoor lead roof. Yet, its most striking feature is its outdoor 40ft painted wall holds made to mimic the bumps and bulges of natural rock climbing.

They have moon boards, kilter boards, and a fitness area as a bonus.

In addition, their route setters change their ever-complex and challenging routes frequently so there’s always something new to try. While you’re there, you could as well take their climbing lessons if you’re a newbie or a seasoned climber looking to refine your climbing.

However they don’t have auto-belay devices and for the most part, this isn’t a gym that caters to birthday gatherings or celebrations of any sort.

Otherwise, all ages and abilities are welcomed at Edgeworks every day from Mondays to Sundays. Make sure to sign their waiver, pass their belay test, get their membership, and go climb to your heart’s extent!

Vertical World, Seattle

If you’re on a climbing gym hunt spree across Seattle and the Vertical world isn’t on your checklist, then toss that paper and start over.

Vertical World is recorded as the first-ever climbing gym in America, initiating its concept in 1987. They originally started out having painted rocks glued to plywood surfaces. Over the years, they’ve evolved and continue to stand among the top bests climbing gyms in Seattle. Goes to show why they host most of the annual competitions in the state.

Heads up. If you’re into bouldering, then you might want to reconsider coming here. Their bouldering area is small; covering only 4000 sqft.

Meanwhile, the highlight of this world-class facility dwells in its 50inches long top rope covering over 10,000sqft. A huge bonus for our tall wall lovers. Everything here cuts it; from their lead climbing to their handful of auto-belays, moonbeams, fully adjustable kilter boards, youth camps, and more.

They also have an area for kids, a fitness area, and a yoga studio. Likewise, a party room for social gatherings of any kind.

Still, it’s worthy to note how overly crowded it can get most hours. But, a price to pay for being a thorough place for intro to this sport.

Yes, you can rest assured to have your mind and body constantly put to test with the routine update of their routes.

When you’re in the need of an adrenaline rush, try out Vertical World. Just one phenomenal experience is all it takes to get you all addicted.

Momentum Indoor Climbing,  Seattle

Next on the list of the best climbing gyms in Seattle is Momentum Indoor Climbing nestled in the SODO area. This is a bouldering-only gym; in other words, no top-roping, auto-belay devices, and harnesses.

The facility boasts over 19,200sqft of bouldering with a top-tier, remarkable setting. The Climbing Gym takes pride in its overall super clean facility; down from its work of art modern fitness room to its yoga class, locker, and shower area.

Momentum makes use of actual V-grades (V0 to V16) with their setting team crafting fresh challenging routes twice every week.

If you’re big into bouldering problems, particularly in a less crowded area, this is a great option for you.

Plus every skill level is welcome to climb any challenges as there’s plenty of space available to go around.

Usually for safety reasons, if you’re a first-time climber, you’d be required to watch a bouldering orientation video before they let you climb.

Their membership rate is also super affordable. So why won’t you want to climb at Momentum? Except you’re probably not ready for a life-changing experience. Doors open as early as 6 am. Work or no work, you have no excuse to not hop in for a quick adrenaline rush and get stoked for the day.

Half Moon Bouldering, Seattle

Half Moon Bouldering is typically a bouldering-only gym spot in the North Seattle neighborhood. This 11,000sqft facility is smaller than the other climbing gyms. Its walls are 13ft tall with a bouldering area of 5000sqft.

However, with the cozy interior setting, ever clean, and mostly never crowded, you’d reconsider ruling it out for its size.

Half Moon has got moon boards, campus boards, a yoga studio, and an excellent workout area coupled with a sleek learning area that caters to kids and allows for some good family time.

This gym manages all skill levels. If you haven’t bouldered before, and you’re a member, they hold introductory bouldering classes where you’re most likely to learn a lot.

Their setters change the routes creatively every week—overwhelming you with nonstop challenges to tackle. And, Half Moon was especially thoughtful to have e-lockers available so you don’t need to come along with a lock.

Also, for our hungry climbers, there’s a restaurant just at the corner, so you can grab a quick bite after a good workout.

If you’re looking to top rope and lead climb, this gym isn’t for you. Otherwise, Come in for a day pass if you’re in the Seattle area. And while at it, consider making it your go-to option for great bouldering problems.

Wrapping Up

Arguably, Seattle is “king” when it comes to indoor climbing in America. This emphasizes why tons of climbing gyms are littered at all corners of the city. If you’re in the Seattle area or come visiting, now you have options to pick and put your creativity to the test. Don’t let a lack of kits prevent you from making that trip. They have virtually all you need to climb–up for rentals.

Put on your climbing shoes, ready your chalk bags and be sure to tag a climbing partner along for a great life adventure.

Also, let me know what climbing gym in Seattle is your favorite and why down in the comment section!

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