Cute Rock Climbing Outfits

Perhaps you’ve seen Free Solo and are motivated to start climbing for the first time, or you’re planning a rock climbing date with someone important and want to be prepared. What do you wear for indoor rock climbing, maybe cute rock climbing outfits??

The wonderful thing about rock climbing is that most indoor gyms rent out equipment, so you don’t have to buy anything. If you go into an indoor climbing gym, you will see a variety of individuals dressed in various costumes and styles, so don’t worry about looking out of place. A decent rule of thumb is to wear clothing that is both comfortable and not too big. Depending on the style of climbing, your rock climbing outfit may change.

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Climbing is classified into two types: climbing with a rope and climbing without a rope. Climbing using a rope that goes from the top of the climbing route to the bottom is known as top-rope climbing. Bouldering is a type of climbing that doesn’t use a rope. Most indoor climbing gyms have soft mats around the climbing courses.

You may need to wear a different outfit depending on the sort of climbing you undertake. Because bouldering does not require a harness or rope, your pants or shorts do not have the same constraints as pants for harness climbing. This tip will concentrate on what to wear for indoor rock climbing with a rope.

Outfit For Indoor Rock Climbing

Keep in mind that rock climbing is a strenuous activity, so both men and women should dress appropriately. Because climbing demands a lot of movement, thin jeans, and beautiful jackets are unlikely to keep you from having fun. Furthermore, climbing may be hard on your clothing, so if you are concerned about a hole in your knee or elbow, wear something else. Aside from that, there are small —in what men and women should wear for indoor rock climbing.

Women’s Indoor Rock Climbing Outfits

Wear sports clothing that allows you to move freely, such as leggings and a tank top. Leggings are fantastic since they are flexible and form-fitting, and they won’t get snagged on anything. Also, the leggings will probably make it easier for a harness to fit (as easy as rental harnesses get).

Tank tops are fantastic because they allow your shoulders to move freely in any direction. Wearing sleeved shirts is acceptable; however, try the shirt on before going to the gym to ensure that you can move your shoulders and arms freely.

Furthermore, most women wear longer shirts that may be tucked into the harness, preventing the harness from rubbing against naked flesh.

Men’s Indoor Rock Climbing Outfit

Indoor rock climbing clothing for males is a little different unless you’re comfortable with leggings. Because the harness wraps around your legs directly where your pockets would be, most climbing trousers designed for males have smaller crotch sections than your normal gym shorts or sweats.

We understand that you might not want to buy climbing trousers, especially if you’re just getting started, so there are plenty of options. Most males can get away with wearing khakis or soccer sweatpants.

Climbing differs from most sports in that there is generally more perspiration “downstairs” and “down the buttcrack” than you may be used to. As a result, those who sweat a lot may usually wear compression shorts under their clothes as an additional barrier. Furthermore, if you wear gym shorts, you should wear compression shorts since the harness will cause your shorts to bunch and ride up, revealing your underwear or pale skin.

When it comes to shirt tops, we recommend a t-shirt or tank top that allows you free flexibility in your shoulders. Some gyms have a shirt policy, so if you want to go shirtless, make sure you check with the gym beforehand. Also, because the harness rides above your waist, make sure your top is long enough to tuck beneath the harness if you don’t want it to rub against your skin.

Belay Devices And Rock Climbing Rope

Indoor climbing gyms provide rope and basic belay gear for hire, eliminating the need to bring them with you. If you desire a belay device with additional safety features like assisted braking, you must provide your own. This is my favorite assisted braking belay gadget.

Many indoor climbing gyms will need you to verify that you are a proficient belayer by testing you on your first visit. If you already know how to belay, you should be OK. If this is your first time belaying, I recommend attending a belay class or learning from a buddy. Belaying is the most crucial aspect of indoor climbing and the key to safety, so you must understand what you are doing.

Shoes For Rock Climbing

Renting rock climbing shoes is worth it. It is one of the most useful climbing accessories, as many climbing footholds are too small for tennis shoes. Barefoot climbing is now popular, but it is not ideal for climbing gyms.

Most gyms require you to wear shoes because bacteria on your feet will transfer to the wall, and hence to your hands and the hands and feet of everyone else at the gym. Also, climbing without shoes is very hard. Your weight is supported by your toes.

Climbing shoes give you extra support and spread the weight over your whole foot. Some people ask if climbing shoes should be worn with socks. In general, if you rent shoes, you should wear thin socks, although gyms disinfect their shoes, so it is up to you.

Chalk Bags For Rock Climbing

Climbing chalk isn’t required, so don’t bother thinking about buying one if you don’t already have one. If you like climbing and want to do so more frequently, chalk will be an essential step in your climbing progression, so you will probably want to invest in it.

Can You Wear Shorts While Rock Climbing Indoors?

Pants are often favored while climbing because they prevent your legs, especially your knees, from being scraped. Having said that, indoor climbing walls are significantly smoother than outdoor climbing walls, and the lack of fauna or lose rock reduces the likelihood of being scratched. Many people appear to love wearing khaki-like shorts or flexible, light hiking shorts. I only wear shorts now since I’ve skinned my knees at indoor rock climbing gyms and don’t have much of a choice.

Do You Use Helmets When Indoor Rock Climbing?

The primary function of a rock-climbing helmet is to protect your head from falling boulders. Because there are no falling boulders in indoor rock climbing, most indoor climbing gyms do not rent helmets, and you are typically OK without one.


Whether you’re a newbie attempting indoor rock climbing for the first time or looking for ideas for what to wear on a rock climbing date, there are plenty of alternatives that won’t clash with your unique style. In general, avoid baggy attire or apparel that limits movement, and hire climbing shoes to get the full experience. Most climbers wear pants, but shorts will suffice if you are rock climbing inside.

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