Rock Climbing Staten Island

Rock climbing Staten Island provides a wonderful chance for families, particularly children, to get some much-needed mobility during the winter, even though it can be enjoyed throughout the year. This is especially true during the colder months. Make plans to visit one of the rock climbing walls in New York City, especially those that are located on Staten Island.

For a change, you should let the youngsters enjoy climbing the walls of someone else’s house. The sport calls for one’s whole attention, as well as discipline and power. All of which you will be delighted to assist them in constructing. Give the members of your family a memorable experience by taking them rock climbing on Staten Island.

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There are at least a dozen indoor bouldering and rock climbing facilities located in each of the five boroughs, including Staten Island. Although some of these are only available during the summer months, the vast majority of them are open throughout the whole year. What is your favorite feature about it?

Children like participating in this activity. In addition to that, the pricing is fair. Try out one of the following rock climbing gyms for kids, where you can either participate in a drop-in program or sign up for one of the numerous camps held either after school or during school breaks.

Rock Climbing Gyms for Families Near Staten Island

1. SkyZ Extreme – Staten Island, Charleston

This Staten Island climbing club, now under new ownership, utilizes the sport to push individuals to their limits and be their best. In addition to rock climbing, there are circus arts and general fitness lessons available. There are birthday party packages available.


SI, NY 10309, 638 Sharrotts Road

2. Midtown West Central Rock Gym

The Climb Club is open to children aged 7 to 12 and meets many times each week. Through games, creative challenges, and skill-building exercises, children learn basic climbing abilities and tactics. Competitive teams are available for children ages 7 to 18. Drop-in climbing is also offered, and children aged 5 and under are admitted for free.

Address: 21 West End Avenue, New York, NY 10069

3. Chelsea Piers Field House — Chelsea

Many of us have led children to birthday celebrations at this mega-sports complex and witnessed the 23-foot-high climbing wall intended just for children. A Rock-N-Rolls session is available for children ages 5 to 16. Kids receive 45 minutes of rock climbing instruction and 45 minutes of gymnastics instruction in this 90-minute course. Reservations are necessary. There are also fantastic birthday party choices that involve the rock wall.

Address: Pier 60, Chelsea Piers, New York

4. Midtown West Manhattan Plaza Health Club

This health club has 5,000 square feet of climbing space for your child to explore. Climbing is appropriate for children aged 4 and up. The club recommends that mom or dad take an introductory lesson to learn the fundamentals of the sport, such as belaying (holding the rope to which your child is attached). This gives your youngster access to the wall at all times the club is open.

Address: Manhattan Plaza Health Club, 482 West 43rd St., NYC, NY 10036

5. The Cliffs of Harlem: Harlem

The enormous Harlem facility of the climbing gym chain will debut in 2021. It provides a range of activities for children, such as lessons, camps, and teams. Keep in mind that The Cliffs Harlem is just a bouldering gym, so no ropes or harnesses are utilized.

Climbing is more than simply an activity at The Cliffs; it’s a shared experience. It’s not just about reaching up, but also about reaching out to welcome everyone into this shared space where we leave the city behind and find that one boulder problem or route that just makes us smile (or tortures us), challenge ourselves physically and mentally, support each other, and form friendships with people who are like us and people who aren’t.

Address: New York, NY 10027, 256 West 125th Street

6. East and West Harlem Steep Rock Bouldering

This uptown couple is committed to the art of bouldering, which means they don’t utilize ropes or harnesses. Climbers aged 5 and up are allowed at the East Side facility, while those aged 8 and up can access the West Harlem location. Both locations include after-school, weekend, and competitive team possibilities.

There are birthday party packages available. Steep Rock Bouldering is joining forces with Brooklyn’s VITAL Climbing Gym, and soon it will be known by that name. Nothing beats stepping onto cushioned flooring in a room full of friends, stretching out tight muscles, and shaking off the rust of the day.

We like the attention required for crux sequences, giggling at sideways falls against cushioned flooring, obstacles you encounter, and issues that shame you. We get together in the city to pull on plastic in preparation for our outdoor escapades. The Bouldering Project in Brooklyn, New York, is a large facility with a world-class setting where people smile, try-hard, and sometimes flail.

Address: Brooklyn, New York 11217, 575 Degraw Street

7. GP81, Greenpoint, Brooklyn

This new bouldering gym, which was built by the community and is focused on training, is currently only for people 13 and older, but it might be a great choice for climbing teens in the area. The gym was developed and built using the abilities and resources of the local climbing community. Everything at GP81 is unique to the facility, from the walls to the climbing holds.

The gym has 7,000 square feet of climbing terrain, which includes two Moon Boards, walls of 30, 45, and 60 degrees, as well as our most recent additions, the 15-degree and barrel wall. There are also several hang boards, campus board sets, weights, and other training tools to help our members climb to new heights.

Address: Quay Street, 81, 11222 Brooklyn, New York

8. VITAL Climbing Gym – Williamsburg

This bouldering gym (no harnesses or belays allowed) provides youth lessons, camps, teams, and birthday party packages. For lessons and camps, children must be at least six years old, and teams must be at least eight years old. Aerial silks courses are also available for people aged 13 and above at the gym.

Address: 1421 North State Street, Bellingham, Washington, 98225

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