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Climb4Life: An Interview with HERA Athlete Whitney Boland


Whitney on Requiem of a Heavyweight. Photo credit Christian Fracchia.

On September 10th at MetroRock in Boston, the HERA Ovarian Cancer Foundation will be hosting their Climb4Life event with athlete Whitney Boland. I had the immense pleasure of getting know her and her work with HERA, an organization dedicated to raising awareness and money for ovarian cancer research. Though I hadn’t heard of her before, when I mentioned her name to a couple climber friends I was told by everyone that she’s a total badass. At just over five feet tall she’s known for her bold and powerful climbing style. But not only is she a fearless climber, she’s a contributing editor to Rock and Ice and long-time board member for HERA. Whitney is the real deal.

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Climbing…For A Cause


Repping the HERA teal nail polish (also our fave color!)

So, you love climbing, AND you’re a do-gooder.  You brush off a chalky hold for a stranger, when it comes to beta you give and give, you always offer to stick clip that sketchy first move for your buds, but you want to do oh-so-much more.  Well, fear not, today we have just the thing.  Three great non-profits that combine those two things you’re so good at: climbing stuff and giving.  Read on to find out more about how you can get involved!

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