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Guide to Women’s Climbing Pants – Fall 2015


High-steppin’ should be no problem in the right pair. (Amy in the 3rd Rock Skat Pants)

Good, sturdy outdoor climbing pants are seriously hard to find (#firstworldproblems, we know). To help you narrow it down we’ve sifted through the park ranger styles and “I just left yoga class” options and came up with a list of our very favorites this season. Have a look, and don’t forget to share the love and tell us about your favorite pair!

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Sisterhood of the Climbing Pants

Finding climbing pants that look and fit this good can be tricky. (Photo credit: Cold Thistle)

Finding climbing pants that look this good and fit this well can be tricky. (Photo: Cold Thistle)

Time and time again I bemoan the fact that I cannot find a good climbing pant. Seriously!?! It’s one thing to be climbing crack, it’s a whole different story to be showing crack while climbing. Trying to find pants that allow you to throw that crazy heel hook over your head without busting the seams can be so frustrating. And then add to the list pants that won’t bunch under your harness, and aren’t a magnet to bits of gym foam floors, leaves, and dirt – the quest seems near impossible. I prefer not to look like I just walked out of a Yoga studio when climbing, yet at the same time, I don’t care to be mistaken for Ranger Rick. As your faithful servants in climbing fashion, Crux Crush took this impossible task upon ourselves and reviewed four different potential climbing pants. While we hoped for a one size fits all solution, what we found is, just like a good pair of jeans, it’s going to vary from gal to gal. Here are our findings:

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Alizée Dufraisse: Falling In Love

“The relation I have with the route, it’s like a lot of love…it’s a story between the route and me.”

Alizée may have been talking about falling in love with a specific route, but this video makes us fall in love with her and her approach to climbing and life. We’ve reported on Alizée’s passion for climbing before and for some time now she’s caught our attention with her first female ascents of El Mon de Sofi (5.14a) and La Reina Mora (5.14b/d), and her send of Patinoso (5.14c). If you aren’t already swooning, here’s a little clip from Prana about Alizée Dufraisse that takes place in the fairyland of Siurana, Spain, that will make you fall a little in love with the French climber as well as give you some inspiration to get you through your hump day.

While we’re at it, we also want to give Sasha DiGiulian a high five for her onsight of Hard Crit (8a+) at Margarlef, and also shout out Aleksandra Taistra for her send of Florida L1 (8a+) at Rodellar.

Climb on! ~Cate

Info thanks to 8a.nu and Prana Ambassadors.

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