Guide To Women’s Climbing Pants – Fall 2015

Good, sturdy outdoor climbing pants are seriously hard to find (#firstworldproblems, we know). To help you narrow it down we’ve sifted through the park ranger styles and “I just left yoga class” options and came up with a list of our very favorites this season. Have a look at the guide to women’s climbing pants, and don’t forget to share the love and tell us about your favorite pair!



Guide To Women’s Climbing Pants – Fall 2015
High-steppin’ should be no problem in the right pair. (Amy in the 3rd Rock Skat Pants)

First Choice in Women’s Climbing Pants: ABK Vire

Who they fit: Pretty much everyone, except those who are extremely tall or short. The ankle drawstring is great for cinching up the bottoms if you’re on the shorter side and the elastic waistband accommodates different shapes and sizes.

What we love: The fit! Sometimes the baggy style only looks good on long, lean body types, but this pair manages to be flattering on lots of body types. They’re also easy to move in, well crafted, and come in two fun colors.

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What we’d love to see: The fabric isn’t great at wicking away sweat, so if you’re a particularly sweaty gal you may want to save these for cooler climbing days. Word on the street is that the 2016 version of this pant will feature slightly different material to combat moisture. Other than that I highly recommend this pair!



2nd Choice in Women’s Climbing Pants: Black Diamond Stretch Font Pants

Who they fit: Pretty much everyone! They can be cuffed or rolled up and still look cute for the shorties and would also not be bad as ankle-length pants for the taller ladies.

What we love: These pants are straight up super cute! So cute that I debated not climbing in them at all and just wearing them as everyday pants instead. The construction is great and the material is stretchy and durable.

What we’d love to see: A gusseted crotch would be great. While the skinny leg looks adorable they are a bit restrictive to climb in. You may want to go one size up to give yourself a little more room to move in these babies. Also, the fabric is a bit shiny for my taste, but if you’re into that you’ll love em!


At 3rd #: Nihil Minimum Pant 15

Who they fit: Short, tall, in between, love handles or hourglass – these will work for anyone because of the adjustable ankle drawcord and elastic waistband. The design not only fits anyone but is also flattering on almost anyone.

What we love: For starters, we love the bold bright color options of these pants! We’re also keen on the cute little details like the bell button on the pocket, the arched stitching across the back that flatters your behind, and the reinforced fabric in areas that often come in contact with the rock.

What we’d love to see: I seriously may have found my perfect pant because I can’t think of anything to change!



Another Addition to Our List: Moon Faraday Jean

Who they fit: Although they run a bit long in the leg, they look pretty cute cuffed on shorter legs. I’m usually a size 4 and size small fits pretty perfectly, still leaving room for movement thanks to the gusseted crotch. Overall, they give off a fitted yet loose jean look.

What we love: Being able to climb in jeans that are not restrictive is the best! I love how durable the fabric feels while allowing for movement and that these are still fashionable and functional beyond the crag. No joke, I would pull these on just to go grocery shopping because they’re both flattering and comfortable.

What we’d love to see: As with so many other pants, a variety of lengths would be nice. These are marketed as “skinny” jeans, but really have more of a “boyfriend jean” looser look to them.


Don’t Forget This One: 3rd Rock Skat Pants

Who they fit: Everyone except for shorties. Based on my height and others who have tried them on, they seem pretty perfect for someone 5’6 to 5’9. For anyone shorter, you’d probably have to cuff or hem them.

What we love: The material is rad! It’s canvas-like but still feels lightweight and breathable. They also feature more stretchy fabric around the waistline which makes them comfortable throughout a full day of climbing. The gusted crotch allows for a full range of motion and doesn’t give you any weird bunching while wearing a harness.

What we’d love to see: Like so many others on the list, it would be great if they came in a variety of lengths. Other than that they are a little Euro-style but I dig it 🙂


We Also Include: Nihil Amele Pant

Who they fit: They’re great for a wide range of heights, but maybe most flattering on ladies who are smaller on the bottom.

What we love: The skinny leg style towards the calf and ankle gives them a truly skinny look. And they’re ultra-comfortable thanks to the super soft and stretchy material. The diamond crotch allows for a full range of motion while climbing and the color options are great too!

What we’d love to see: The large diamond crotch is great for climbing, but it can create a baggy somewhat awkward-looking crotch and butt. We’d love to see a slightly different design through the crotch.



Another Comfy Choice: Arc’teryx Emoji Pant

Who they fit: Pretty much everyone, but they are very relaxed fit – a.k.a. they run large for the size (unless you plan on wearing with a base layer underneath). One to two sizes down from my normal pant fits me just fine without any layers.

What we love: I love the adjustable fold-over waistband. I unfold it completely when climbing so everything stays in place. The material is also durable, yet moveable and it has kept me warm in fall climbing temps. Plus the articulated knees and gusseted crotch make them very functional.

What we’d love to see: Style comes second to function. They look and sound a little like snow pants. Sizing can be a major con, so just make sure to downsize if you prefer closer, less-parachute pants fit. They come in three, pretty standard colors, but none are very adventurous.



The Last One: Prana Halle Pant

Who they fit: Everyone!!! Well, almost. They run large so if you’re teeny tiny the smallest size may still be too large. But they do come in 3 length options, which makes them great for almost every body type!

What we love: Durable, flexible, and water-resistant, so pretty much everything you’d want in terms of function. The mid-rise waist hits the perfect spot and they have a roll-up leg feature for hot days. Add to that an articulated knee and 5 color options and we’ve got ourselves a reliable pair of climbing pants.

What we’d love to see: From a style perspective the leg opening at the bottom is just a little wide. So if you’re like me and prefer a narrower leg these may not be the perfect pant for you. Also, while they do come in 5 colors, I would love for Prana to offer some more adventurous color options.

What are your go-to climbing pants??

Climb on!
Mary, Cate, Amy & Jocelyn

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