Trad climbing

Tips To Trad: A Beginners Guide

Tips To Trad: A Beginners Guide: When I began trad climbing earlier this spring, I was entirely perplexed about where to start. I kind of felt like… And though I’d like to say trad isn’t complicated, that’s not really true. Women on lead: an interview with the setters of the Austin bouldering project The sheer amount of gear alone is overwhelming! Don’t worry, you probably won’t need this much. Photo by Weigh My Rack The fact …

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Rock Roots Tiffany Skogstrom

Let’s get started with an exciting interview with rock roots Tiffany Skogstrom.: which highlights the everyday female climber who inspires us in our every day climbing. Today Crux Crush contributor, Lily He, highlights Tiffany Skogstrom.  Tiffany taking advantage of a great photo op on Star Chek (5.8+) in Squamish. Photo Credit: Josh Squire Interview With Rock Roots Tiffany Skogstrom “My friend Tiffany Skogstrom has been climbing for over a decade and has been an inspiration to many …

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Interview With Beth Rodden

Over the last few years, Beth Rodden, arguably one of the best climbers out there, male or female, disappeared from the pages of climbing magazines and blogs. During that time she battled a cycle of injury, surgery, and re-injury, as she attempted to make sense of the sport that debilitated, captivated, and catapulted her. In the last year, after sculpting, chipping, and remolding herself, Beth has emerged as a different kind of climber. Beth Rodden on the …

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