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Winning At Your Own Head Game

Winning at your own head game: I love the physical aspects of climbing – the burn after a quick, intense gym session or feeling completely spent after a long day at the crag. But for me, it’s the mental aspect that keeps me coming back. The “head game” adds a layer of complexity that I haven’t experienced with other sports and reveals much more about you than just your performance as a climber. Your head …

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The Making Of The Heist: How The Ladies Are Taking Over

Today we talk to the brains (and the beauty) behind The Heist, Brittany Marryott and Andrea Brennen.  If you haven’t heard, The Heist is going to be the first all female competition where all the elements, from the route setters, to the forerunners, to the DJ, and emcee, will be run by 100% women.  That’s right, the ladies are taking over Central Rock Gym, for a whole weekend of not only the bouldering comp, but female-oriented climbing …

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Ask Crux Crush

Today we start our new series, Ask Crux Crush, based on real questions from readers.  Send us your questions, we’ll find you an answer! Missy “practicing” some falls (onto Cate’s head, whoops) Find out the most wanted DIY guide, here!!! Ask Crux Crush: Fear Of Falling Dear Crux Crush, I am a Swedish girl that is able to keep up climbing with the guys (mostly because there are not too many girls to climb with).  …

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Interview With Pro Route Setter Molly Beard

Interview With Pro Route Setter Molly Beard: The gym’s route setting process often goes unnoticed, yet it is one of the most influential factors in competitions, indoor climbing, and gym culture. Earlier this summer, we talked with various female setters, which Missy coined “the unicorn of the climbing world” for their rarity. In today’s post, we aim to shed light on one of the “unicorns” behind this route-setting process. Molly Beard is arguably one of …

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Interview With Beth Rodden

Over the last few years, Beth Rodden, arguably one of the best climbers out there, male or female, disappeared from the pages of climbing magazines and blogs. During that time she battled a cycle of injury, surgery, and re-injury, as she attempted to make sense of the sport that debilitated, captivated, and catapulted her. In the last year, after sculpting, chipping, and remolding herself, Beth has emerged as a different kind of climber. Beth Rodden on the …

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