Indoor Rock Climbing Orange County

It’s no wonder that the California climbing gym sector is thriving because it is home to some of the world’s best indoor rock climbing in Orange County. So you’ll never have to travel far to discover a gym that suits you. Get pumped to send hard with this list of the best indoor rock climbing gyms in Orange County. Also wanna know the best in Las Vegas? check this out.

LA Boulders

 LA Boulders is a large bouldering facility with roughly 180 routes open at any given time and constant resetting to keep you entertained. So, you’ll have to put in the effort to send your projects before they are removed. This is one of four fitness and climbing gyms that Touchstone owns and runs.

Each one has a different set of amenities and classes. LA Boulders provides a wide range of yoga and Bootcamp training at a low cost to members. Their membership, on the other hand, lets you climb at any of the other Touchstone sites listed below. This gives you access to even more climbing gyms and their facilities around Los Angeles.

The Stronghold Climbing Gym

Stronghold, housed inside an ancient steam power plant, was one of the first city climbing gyms to open its doors. Their 46-foot-tall walls house some of the greatest climbing in Los Angeles, with hundreds of routes and even some cracks for your next outdoor agony party. There are also hundreds of bouldering routes to practice on, as well as a specialized system and a campus area dubbed The Pit, to further push your talents.

You’ll soon be going to the Los Angeles climbing gym every day, and you’ll use the cardio, weights, showers, and sauna that come with your membership. Plus, having unlimited free admission to both the exercise and yoga courses will help you stay in shape and give you something to do.

Hollywood Boulders

Touchstone’s Hollywood Boulders is 11,000 square feet of dedicated bouldering and training gym.  You can truly master your trade and crimp your way to the top. There are fingerboards, and campus boards available for purchase if you want to develop strength in your fingers, and a thirty-degree wooden angle will get you on the path to improving the tension in your body.

Saunas, lockers, and showers make it easy to secure your possessions and clean up afterward, which enables you to get in a morning climb while still making it to work without being covered in chalk. Overall, this climbing gym in Los Angeles is a must-see for anyone who wants to have fun while going up.

Cliffs Of ID

The Cliffs of ID has sixteen square feet of bouldering and an additional 11,000 square feet of roped climbing, this spectacular facility will please even the most ardent crushers. Weights and aerobic equipment are housed in a posh training studio, so you won’t have to listen to any more power screams than you currently do. Furthermore, all of the climbing-specific training equipment you could desire is at your disposal, including a moon board to pit yourself against climbers from across the world. Finally, lockers, saunas, showers, and complimentary towel service are available here.

Verdigo Boulders

Touchstone’s final Los Angeles climbing gym, Verdigo Boulders, has 7,000 square feet of bouldering, a large selection of hang boards, a complete campus board, and lots of weight and cardio equipment. Even while you’re unlikely to run out of climbing options, keep in mind that a monthly membership allows you to access any of their other facilities. All Touchstone sites feature in-house stores, and there will be a whole gym full of staff to help you choose your next pair of climbing shoes.


With a nice traverse to get you warmed up, Rockreation is a climbing gym that will help you progress as a climber. They have enough staff and classes to show you the ropes, as well as tons of delicious climbing for those of you who are already rocking it. There are classes for everyone, including yoga, fitness, and kids’ workshops, so everyone may participate. If you like to throw shapes, this 10,000-square-foot climbing area will suffice.

Long Beach Rising

Long Beach Rising, a new school on the street, is keeping things cool and current by renovating a building that is almost 100 years old with gnarly sets and wood walls. They will prepare you for the activity, and their outdoor fitness area will prepare you for the next major adventure you go on. With the sole intention of playing “bangerz,” it is reasonable to presume that you will return for further listening experiences. They also supply you with a moon board and an adjustable tension board for you to enjoy while learning.

Hangar 18 South Bay

Hangar 18’s South Bay site boasts 12,000 square feet of climbing space. Whether you want to go high or low, alone or with others, Hangar 18 has you covered. Should you need an extra session, bouldering and auto belays are available, while top rope and lead walls are ideal for couples. If you’re new to the sport, some courses will take you from novice to skilled climber. Yoga lessons are also offered if you need an extra incentive to get flexible. Membership gives you access to all of their locations, which include climbing gyms throughout Los Angeles.

Hangar 18 In Long Beach

Hangar 18 at Long Beach, like its South Bay branch, is a one-stop shop. There are a variety of climbing options available, including scaling certain traditional textured walls, which will result in several scratches that will take a longer time to heal. If that’s not your thing, don’t worry since there are also standard painted plywood walls with around 100 well-set blocs, and that’s just the boulders. If you’re inspired by the r/climbharder subreddit, there are also specialized yoga and training areas for you.


Boulderdash is 13,000 square feet of pure, air-conditioned bouldering that welcomes climbers of all skills (including no abilities). You can rent equipment, but you’ll need your rope to lead the climb. If you’re new to the sport, teaching classes will get you started, and technical clinics will take you to the next level. So get over to one of the greatest climbing gyms in Los Angeles.

Sender One

Sender One, the largest climbing gym in Orange County, Los Angeles, is a world-class facility with 50-foot-tall walls and comprehensive facilities. Their tremendous overhangs will get you psyched and ready to go in no time. This Los Angeles climbing gym is worth a visit for the refined new generation of climbers that enjoy towel service and all the newest grips with their subscriptions.

Those of you who enjoy a good workout will have no trouble fitting one in. Their training section has weight and cardio equipment, as well as a whole balcony full of fingerboards, mood boards, and kilter boards for people who want to pull hard on small holds.


LA Boulders is a huge bouldering facility with over 180 climbs available at any given time. The 46-foot-tall walls of the Stronghold Climbing Gym host some of the best climbing in Los Angeles. There are also hundreds of bouldering routes to choose from, as well as some cracks for your next outdoor torture party.

Hollywood Boulders by Touchstone is 11,000 square feet of dedicated bouldering and training space. Rockreation has plenty of staff and lessons to teach you the ropes, as well as tasty climbing for those who already know how to rock it.

All Touchstone locations have in-house stores, and there will be a whole gym full of personnel to assist you in selecting your next pair of climbing shoes. Long Beach Rising is a new climbing school. The South Bay location of Hangar 18 has 12,000 square feet of climbing spacBouldering and auto are belaying available, as well as top rope and lead walls, which are great for couples. As a member, you can go to all of their locations, which are climbing gyms all over Los Angeles.

Boulderdash is 13,000 square feet of air-conditioned climbing bliss. There are other sections for specific yoga and training. Sender One is Orange County, Los Angeles’ largest climbing gym. Their complex features 50-foot-high walls as well as extensive facilities.

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