Indoor Rock Climbing Las Vegas

While most visitors to Las Vegas come for the casinos, restaurants, shows, and entertainment, if you want to do something a little more athletic, indoor rock climbing in Las Vegas can be an option to explore.

This place is surrounded by spectacular rock formations that are just begging to be explored. But there is numerous indoor rock climbing In Las Vegas that is available for beginners and more skilled climbers looking to practice their abilities away from the heat and dust of the desert. So here’s all you need to know. If you are travelling to Denver, then we spotted some places where you can go for indoor rock climbing.

The Pad

The Pad was started in 2015 as Origin Climbing + Fitness before being bought by new owners in 2019 and given its present name.

The Pad has three climbing gyms, two of which are in California. The climbing center in Henderson, Nevada, has a lot of different climbing activities and a strong sense of community. This makes it a popular and fun place for people who like indoor climbing.

Climbing Facilities, Gear, And Lessons

The Pad features a massive selection of what they call “22,000 square feet of pure delight.” This has rope climbing spots that are an average of 35 feet high and bouldering spots that are an average of 17 feet high. Along with the climbing sections, you’ll find hang boards, a systems board, a Treadwall, an LED Kilter board, and other equipment to help you polish your climbing abilities.

Of course, the center offers all of the necessary rental equipment, so it’s not an issue if you didn’t bring your own to Vegas or if you’re a newbie who doesn’t yet possess any. Beginner to intermediate classes is also provided.

Other Services And Equipment

In addition to climbing facilities, The Pad has free weight stations, treadmills, and a yoga studio to help you improve your overall health. There’s also a coworking room with free wifi and coffee—just bring your cup!

Refuge Climbing & Fitness

The Refuge takes pride in being Las Vegas’ top bouldering destination, with 11,000 square feet of climbing walls. It’s a fantastic area to come for both novice and experienced climbers. There is a “Bouldering Basics” session for individuals who are new to the sport, and a “Movement and Beta” lesson for more advanced climbers.

People who are going to the center for the first time, individuals who are members, and people who want to do something unusual and unique with a group will all find that it is an excellent decision. The center also provides alternatives for birthday parties and other events.

Climbing Areas, Courses, And Equipment

In addition to Campusboard, a full-weight rack, kettlebells, and cardio equipment. It also provides users with a Tensionboard and a Moonboard. There are also three auto-belays and a Treadwall for endurance training.

There are enough walls to keep climbers of all levels busy, and the center also provides workshops for both novices and experienced climbers looking to improve their skills.

Climbing Center At Red Rock

Red Rock Climbing Center is a great location to learn how to climb, but they also do everything they can to keep experienced climbers challenged. There are easy routes and bouldering issues for beginners, as well as overhangs and roof climbs that will challenge even the most experienced climbers.

Furthermore, the staff rotates routes each week, so you’ll always find something fresh to challenge you when you return.

Climbing Walls And Equipment

Both top-rope and lead climbing are available at this facility, which boasts walls that are up to thirty-five feet tall and cover an area of eight thousand square feet. These walls were designed by renowned climbers Doug Englekirk and Tony Yaniro. Add another 1,000 square feet of overhangs and route courses, which when paired with vertical climbs, offer you routes of up to 100 feet in length, precisely what you need for stamina training.

The facility also rents out all of the climbing equipment you’ll need for the day at very cheap rates, giving it yet another wonderful option for a day or two of indoor climbing in Las Vegas.

Climbing Classes And Other Climbing Services

In addition to a variety of workshops, Red Rock strives to ensure that each participant leaves a more “knowledgeable, efficient, and environmentally conscious” climber than when they arrived. There are several tiers with varying pricing options, and they can even take reservations for group packages. For further information, visit their website’s “climbing guidelines” section.

Whitney Sports And Recreation Center

If you don’t want to travel to a climbing facility and just want to climb a wall, you may go to the Whitney Recreation Center, a few miles southeast of Las Vegas. Access to the wall is inexpensive, but you must provide your equipment.

Facilities For Climbing

A 30ft climbing wall with four distinct routes are accessible at the facility. You can’t rent equipment or take courses, so it’s exclusively for individuals who already know how to climb.

Other Amenities

Other amenities at the Whitney Recreation Center include basketball, tennis, a walking trail, a seasonal pool, a children’s playground, and picnic shelters. There’s also a gym, a workout area, kid and adolescent programming, a computer lab, a gaming room, and other amenities.

The Climbing Center Of Nevada

The Nevada Climbing Center, which bills itself as the oldest and most inexpensive climbing center in the Las Vegas Valley, combines many years of knowledge with climbing experience that has plenty to offer for both beginner and experienced climbers. They take pleasure in establishing a pleasant and supportive environment that allows guests to relax and focus on honing their climbing abilities in a warm and welcoming setting.

Climbing Areas, Courses, And Equipment

The center offers a variety of programs for all ability levels that teach the fundamentals of climbing or focus on specialized abilities. They also have college nights, ladies’ nights, and teachers’ nights, with discounts available to those who qualify.

There are climbing walls for all skill levels, with well-indicated routes of varying complexity, so you should have no trouble choosing something appropriate for your level. The facility also rents out all of the necessary equipment.

Other Services

Aside from the usual range of climbing courses, the center also offers yoga lessons, allowing you to care for your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being while you’re not climbing.


The city of Las Vegas is home to a plethora of indoor climbing gyms. The climbing walls and overhangs at The Refuge Climbing & Fitness have a total area of 11,000 square feet. Top rope and lead climbing are both available at the Red Rock Climbing Center, which is an excellent place to learn how to climb.

There are three climbing gyms in total, two of which are located in the state of California. Additionally, the facility rents out all of the climbing gear that you will require for the day at rates that are quite affordable. The Nevada Climbing Center promotes itself as the climbing facility with the longest history and the lowest prices in the Las Vegas Valley.

A short distance to the southeast of Las Vegas is where you’ll find the Whitney Recreation Center. There are climbing walls available for climbers of all ability levels, each including clearly marked routes of increasing degrees of difficulty. The cost of climbing the wall is minimal, but you are responsible for providing your gear. In addition, there is a children’s playground, basketball and tennis courts, as well as a walking route, a seasonal pool, and a pool.

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