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Do you want to know what is the top indoor rock climbing Denver, Colorado? Colorado is one of just two states in the American West that can lay claim to being the epicenter of the US rock climbing universe. Within their mountainous surroundings, Colorado and California have thousands of established crags.

They have a lengthy history of famous (and infamous) climbers and their exploits. Yosemite and Joshua Tree National Parks are both iconic California destinations. Colorado responds with Eldorado Canyon and Longs Peak Diamond.

Each new indoor rock climbing gym in Colorado provides an extensive personal training room with free weights, strength training equipment, and cardio machines. A climbing training area with hang boards, Moon boards, campus rungs, and other equipment specifically built for finger strength training and climbing power endurance is also required. Also, looking for Ohio? check this out.

The Denver Area’s Adoption Of Indoor Rock Climbing Gyms

Residents of the Denver, Colorado, metro region are extremely lucky to have access to indoor climbing gyms. There are currently at least a dozen full-service rock climbing facilities available to the local climbing community. Furthermore, to meet the increased demand and enthusiasm for the sport, several recreation and fitness centers have built smaller climbing walls.

While many climbers choose their gym primarily for its proximity to work or home, it is occasionally worth the extra time and effort to travel to a facility that better meets your unique training demands. Any indoor climbing gym can provide you with a beneficial workout program, but this does not imply that they are all the same.

Continue reading to learn about the top five climbing gyms in Denver and see if one of them is right for you!

Englewood Movement

Movement Climbing, Yoga, and Fitness is Denver’s colossal climbing gym operator. Beginning with its original Boulder location, Movement just acquired the former Earth Treks climbing gym. It presently operates five full-service locations in Colorado’s Front Range.

Before its opening, the Englewood facility, located just south of Denver, was described as the largest climbing gym in North America, measuring around 53,000 square feet. There are more sport climbing routes and boulder difficulties in this large indoor space than in any other rock climbing gym. Not only that, but there is still enough space for vast areas dedicated to weight lifting, cardio machines, fitness, and yoga.

 Members have access to all Movement gyms in the Denver area. They can also take advantage of free and discounted yoga, fitness, and climbing classes. More climbing space, fitness areas, training, and instruction spaces, and so on.

Fortunately, the facility feels more like a massive indoor amusement park than a warehouse or industrial setting. And, despite the parent company’s size and corporate domination, employees still treat visitors like old climbing buddies.

If you’re new to climbing, Movement has you covered with daily introductory lessons in rope climbing and bouldering. Climbers with more experience can sign up for classes that teach them how to lead climb, how save themselves, and other things.

Unlike several of the other gyms in the area, Movement does not have any auto belay stations. To sport climb at any of their Colorado gyms, you’ll need a belayer. Yoga at Movement is more than simply a catchphrase. Providing members with 1–5 free sessions per day, ranging from Hatha to Vinyasa to Gentle and more.

The Terrain And Difficulty Level

Movement Englewood has five separate top-rope and lead climbing walls that range in height from 30 to 60 feet, with over 170 routes. A huge bouldering section with over 270 problems, 16-foot top outs, and roofs galore takes up around 40% of the climbing area. In other words, there are enough climbing routes and bouldering issues to suit everyone, from novice to elite.

Bouldering Club Of Denver

The Denver Bouldering Club, as the name suggests, is dedicated entirely to bouldering. And when we say all the time, we mean 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Bouldering may be a solitary activity, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t companionship among boulderers.

Highlights Of The Denver Bouldering Club

The best climbing gyms entice you to come time and time again, not because they offer the best routes or the tallest walls, but because the atmosphere is pleasant and inspires you to do your best. 

To begin with, the DBC offers a variety of activities that assist members in developing stronger personal connections with other climbers and the greater climbing community. Seasonal bouldering leagues and classes are other events that bring Denver Bouldering Club climbers together. Surprisingly, it also provides tours to help indoor climbers adjust to outdoor bouldering. Last but not least, DBC has a youth team for young crushers on the rise.

The Terrain And Difficulty Level

You’ll always find a new challenge, whatever your level, with regular, scheduled resets on all of their walls. The DBC contains walls up to 15 feet tall, with the majority of challenges occurring on overhanging terrain ranging from horizontal to nearly vertical. At the South location, there are over 80 difficulties with regular updates, and there are over 120 problems at both the Central and North locations.

1 Rock’n & Jam’n

Rock’s & Jam is a small franchise with two sites, one in the north and one in the south metro region. Rock’s Jam’s #1 opened in 1997 as Colorado’s premier rock gym, with an imposingly overhanging climbing lead wall that featured the tallest indoor sport leads and the steepest grades.

Climbers from central Denver to the north suburbs who consider rock climbing as the cornerstone of their health will appreciate this gym’s Thornton location. Rock’s & Jam’s #1, like other modern climbing gyms, contains spaces dedicated to different workout disciplines.

Highlights From Rock’n & Jam’n

The incredible overhung lead climbing wall is the main draw at Rock’s & Jam’s #1. Many contemporary rock gyms include steep portions where top roping is not permitted for safety reasons (that is, dangerous swing potential). Even in light of its age, the lead wall here is extraordinary. When walking through this region, keep an eye on your head since lead climbers drop from the ceiling like spiders 35 feet from the base of the wall.

If you’re used to climbing on shorter walls, you may experience fatigue as you near the top of Rock’s & Jam’n’s lengthy routes. Because a considerable percentage of gym space is dedicated to lead climbing, top-rope climbers have fewer options, especially in the lower grades. Fortunately, the staff adjusts the routes regularly, so no one gets tired of repeating the same routes.

Climbers who value bouldering and cross-training chances will discover that R’n & Jan devote less room to these activities than many other gyms. The boulder cave contains enough exciting terrain and quality puzzles to make for an enjoyable session. Hardcore boulderers, on the other hand, may not find enough to keep them interested in repeated weekly visits.

Indoor Climbing Crag Übergrippen

Übergrippen, opened in 2017. It also opens, of a new location in Castle Rock, Colorado, south of Denver, the company is now in two places.

The Denver gym’s structure was designed from the ground up for climbing and features large windows to let in natural light. It distinguishes it from some older facilities and gyms constructed in industrial parks. Outdoor bouldering and picnic spots are available on a lawn adjacent to the building.

Aside from the many organized programs for kids and teens, there are also many ways for adults of all ages to learn and improve their climbing skills.

Highlights Of The Übergrippen Indoor Climbing Crag

With a variety of programs, classes, and discounts, the gym caters to families and young climbers as young as three years old. Even though Übergrippen has plenty of hard routes and problems for experienced climbers, the owners put a lot of effort into making sure there is something for climbers of all levels.

The Family Pack pass is an excellent value for two adults and two children who wish to explore rock climbing and save money on gear rental packages. Children under the age of five are admitted free of charge.

The Alcove, a particular children’s area with 30′ walls and auto belays that organizes birthday parties and other kid-friendly activities, takes up a substantial portion of Übergrippen’s floorplan. A junior speed wall and a massive boulder slide are among the special features.

Adults who wish to improve their climbing skills and meet new people can join a climbing league or take a class at the Übergrippen School of Rock. Begin with a Learn to Belay course (which is free for members) and you’ll be on your way!

The Terrain And Difficulty Level

Übergrippen has around 100 roped climbing routes ranging in difficulty from 5.6 (easy) to 5.13. (hard). There are also 15 auto-belay stations. The bouldering section of the gym has 3,000 square feet of wall space and problems that range from easy to very hard.

RINO Movement

Movement Climbing, Yoga, and Fitness built a bouldering-only gym in Denver’s chic RiNo (River North) sector in 2018 as a departure from their previous sites. Inside the remodeled industrial building, there is a lot of open space between the climbing walls and the boulders that are standing alone in the middle of the floor.

One distinct advantage of visiting Movement’s downtown location is co-tenant Improper City. Climbers walk next door to Improper City’s big courtyard patio to have a post-workout beer and high-quality meals.

Movement RINO, located right near downtown, provides the most urban vibe of any Denver rock gym. The clientele is primarily made up of tech and business people looking for a break from their steel-and-glass cages.

RINO Movement Highlights

Rock climbing gyms built inside older commercial buildings can be gloomy and claustrophobic. Fortunately, you’ll never feel that way inside Movement. The shell is a simple brick building with a few windows. From the outside, it doesn’t look like much, but once you’re inside, the natural light and huge amount of space make it feel happy.

A vast section devoted to competition-style boulder problems is one luxury made possible by RINO’s expansive floor plan. It will appeal to individuals who love the large volumes and dramatic motions associated with modern composure. The rest of the space features more traditional issues on the walls as well as some multicolored rocks that jump up from the floor, giving the impression that you’ve joined an adult playground.

The expert route setters at Movement do an excellent job of developing a wide range of issues that cater to diverse styles, body shapes, and ability levels. The staff welcomes visitors and offers free tours and introductory climbing sessions. They also offer a full schedule of classes and private coaching.

The Terrain And Difficulty Level

If you’re looking for ropes, this Movement gym won’t have them. Boulders alone, with at least 180 regularly maintained puzzles ranging from simple to difficult. The climbing area is about 15,000 square feet with walls and free-standing boulder features up to 15 feet tall. Movement RINO has a large region set aside for competition-style problems.

Last Thoughts

With so many possibilities, climbers in the Denver region can pick and choose from a variety of indoor rock climbing gyms to discover the perfect match. From absolute beginners to skilled climbers, one of the gyms on our list will undoubtedly inspire you to get strong and finish your current project!

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