Rock Roots

Rock Roots Tiffany Skogstrom

Let’s get started with an exciting interview with rock roots Tiffany Skogstrom.: which highlights the everyday female climber who inspires us in our every day climbing. Today Crux Crush contributor, Lily He, highlights Tiffany Skogstrom.  Tiffany taking advantage of a great photo op on Star Chek (5.8+) in Squamish. Photo Credit: Josh Squire Interview With Rock Roots Tiffany Skogstrom “My friend Tiffany Skogstrom has been climbing for over a decade and has been an inspiration to many …

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Rock Roots Anne Khuu And Lupe Martinez

Rock Roots Anne Khuu And Lupe Martinez:  correspondent Lily He brings us a tale of two friends and their adventures out West with none other than Steph Davis! Enjoy! This is the story of Anne (pronounced “Annie”) and Lupe (short for Guadalupe), friends brought together by climbing in the Boston area. They are now in the midst of a “long-distance relationship” after Lupe moved to Austin, Texas, but had their last hurrah in Moab, climbing …

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Rock Roots Hannah Shea

Rock Roots Hannah Shea: In today’s edition of “Rock Roots“ Lily He brings us an interview with climber, cadet, and college student, Hannah Shea. We’re inspired by her love of climbing and incredibly grateful for her commitment to the good ol’ US of A. Here’s her story: Hannah Shea was nominated (hint hint!) by her professor, Kevin Tatsugawa, who has seen her “grow and mature both as a climber and a person since I first …

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Rock Roots: Isabelle Blankmeyer And Kristen Runci

Let’s have another exclusive interview with Isabelle Blankmeyer And Kristen Runci. It’s time for a new story of the everyday climber, brought to us by Lily He in her series Rock Roots. This month we’ve got a two-for-one deal for you with a joint interview with climbing buds Isabelle Blankmeyer and Kristen Runci. Here’s more from Lily: Journey Of Friendship, Isabelle Blankmeyer And Kristen Runci Isabelle and Kristen have been friends since they met climbing …

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Rock Roots Linda Lee

Rock Roots Linda Lee: Guest contributor Lily He has been hitting up the crags and gyms, scoping out the best stories behind the everyday climber. Today, we feature her interview with Linda Lee – the mother of a talented and dedicated climbing family whose story brings new meaning to the idea of “Rock Roots”.  First, you notice the kids. Andy Lamb is 19 and just podiumed at ABS Nationals (don’t worry, I heard from *someone* …

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