Best Rock Climbing Websites

Best Rock Climbing Websites to Follow for Latest Updates and Trends

Are you obsessed with climbing? Keeping up with the latest climbing news is a difficult task with the abundance of new websites devoted to anything from bouldering films to alpine adventures. We selected websites that offer educational content on climbing and its culture to help you streamline your time online. Here are ten websites that are worthwhile of your time.

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Best Rock Climbing Websites to Follow for Latest Updates and Trends
Best Rock Climbing Websites to Follow for Latest Updates and Trends

1.      Mountain Project

A free resource for climbing routes worldwide is Mountain Project. You may access more than 200,000 distinct routes from this website. Additionally, there are links to sister sites that might be of interest to you. This platform, which was established in the 2000s, collects data from all of its users. Then, administrators categorize their locations, remarks, and images. To provide them an envelope in which they can send free stickers back, this work is done willingly.

This resource has no associated costs. That clarifies why both the regional administrators and the site administrators are volunteers. The cooperation of other users has allowed for the creation of the 224651 routes around the globe. The cooperation of those who enjoy climbing is the foundation of this community’s trust. As a result, there are many different routes.

2.      Climbing Narc

In spite of the fact that Climbing Narc occasionally publishes unique reviews and event coverage, it stands out as the greatest online source for climbing news. The writing is simple and short, and the news is split roughly evenly between bouldering, sport, and trad ascents. It’s as near to a one-stop shop as there is in the frequently disorganized world of climbing.

3.      Climbing

Your first destination for information on bouldering, sport climbing, trad climbing, and alpine climbing should be The goal of Climbing magazine has been to encourage people to climb, look for new challenges, climb better, and climb more safely. It is a magazine devoted to giving climbing-related information that was first published in 1970.

They also have digital editions of the magazine and a website with great info about this sport. A free subscription to the newsletter is available. But choose annual memberships if you want additional details about the publication. Both a one-year and two-year subscription are priced at $14.95 and $24.95 respectively. The editors of this website are experts on climbing thanks to their five decades of experience. Since the news is meticulously crafted to fit the facts, their reviews are typically unbiased.

4.      Weigh My Rack

Alison Dennis founded the company in 2012 after leaving her corporate position at Boeing to pursue her passion for climbing equipment. Weigh My Rack compares, sorts, and filters each item of climbing equipment to help users save time when doing research. Their blog is also amazing; there, you can read about the folks that make and use the gear as well as their adventures. Check out their website for a sample of how in-depth their content is. You won’t ever need to look up climbing equipment on another website.

5.      AllezUp

It is a climbing gym that is situated in the Canadian city of Montreal. If you wish to introduce your kids to this sport, they have a wonderful website. It functions as the gym’s platform where you may schedule your climbs. Additionally, you can arrange to work with them to obtain a variety of certificates. Then, if you’d like, you may go with your family and take a “walk,” which is actually a guided climb.

They have a great rating, and previous visitors are supportive of them. The setting appears to be tidy and well-run. And depending on your level of experience, getting the advice you require is simple.

6.      Dead Point Magazine

“Free climbing media for the young and unruly,” reads their tagline. Dead Point Magazine, a newspaper devoted to the promotion of rock climbing and the sustained development of the sport, was established in 2008.

DPM’s website has the most comprehensive collection of climbing videos on the internet. The greatest ones include Kevin Jorgeson’s transmission of Spectre in Bishop and user-uploaded films from more remote locations like Monster Island in New Mexico. It’s unfortunate that DPM retains some of the top films in its $12/year subscription-only section, The Stash.

7.      Crux Crush

They were started in 2013 by three ladies who are passionate about climbing and have now expanded to encompass a large climbing community. This website is aptly summarized by its tagline, “we’ve got a crush on all things climbing.”

Here is an article by Cate of Crux Crush that will assist climbers who are having trouble learning to the dyno. It breaks the complicated movement of dyno-ing into more easily comprehended steps and then outlines three drills that will help you practice and get better at whatever jumps routes or boulders are thrown at you.

8.      Outdoor Skills and Thrills

The organization Outdoor Skills and Thrills was founded by Aric Fisman. He is an accomplished climber who is passionate in discovering Canada’s Northwestern Ontario. He is also the author of a book that lists Thunder Bay’s top climbing areas.

You may schedule climbing trips with Aric and his crew using this website. They selected this region of Canada because of the exceptional caliber of their ascents. Additionally, it’s because of the breathtaking vistas you receive from the summits and while climbing. We may conclude that this agency charges fair fees for its services.

9.      Splitter Choss

Splitter Choss focuses more on the way of living associated with climbing than it does on climbing news. Sbarra’s articles on seemingly uninteresting subjects, such as why buying rock shoes is so difficult and what your choice of climbing forum says about you, frequently rank among the most popular on the website. Even the most jaded desk jockeys are tempted to travel after reading thorough descriptions of obscure crags like Monitor Rock.

10. Climbing Gear Reviews

Equipment reviews for mountaineering, adventure, and climbing. The category “Climbing Gear Reviews” also includes articles on all-mountain sports like mountaineering, bouldering, rock climbing, and winter climbing.

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