Best Climbers In The World

The Overall Best Climbers In the World In 2022

With the world ever fast and evolving, gifted climbers are coming out harder than ever. Check out the sensational top best climbers in the world crushing it today.

In this article, we’re going to be listing out, in no particular order, a couple of young talents that have burst into the climbing scene. And, are currently ranking as the best climbers in the world in terms of past achievements and records.

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The Best Climbers In the World

  1. Alexander Megos
  2. Stefano Ghisolfi
  3. Janja Garnbret
  4. Adam Ondra

Alexander Megos

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One of the best climbers in the world today, is the German climber, Alexander Megos. He started climbing at the age of 6 and by the age of 10, he had climbed multi-pitch routes up to 300metres. He has been climbing competitively, winning the European championships titles both in 2009 and 2010.

Alex’s dynamic movements, speed, and strength are remarkable. The German climber exploded into the Climbing scene in 2013 from nowhere with a 9a onsight in Estado critico in Spain, which according to him, was purely by accident. That happens to be one of the most difficult onsight ever done. This made him covet the most sought-after “firsts” in history.

After winning a bronze medal for lead climbing at the IFSC world cup in 2018. He followed it up with a gold medal at the Briancon World Cup that same year.


Though he’s an all-around climber, Alex specializes mostly in speedily ascending difficult routes. And, competition climbing since 2006.

Prominent Feats

Alex’s outdoor ascents have made him super popular including notable ones featured in Rock and Ice climber magazine. Alex’s onsight of Estado Critico graded 9a is his most famous work.

Stefano Ghisolfi

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The Italian professional rock climber, Stefano Ghisolfi, is one of the best climbers in the world crushing it today. In an interview, he states his reason for climbing at the age of 11 is still unknown today.

Stefano climbed Fish eye in exquisite style making him one of the relatively few climbers to onsight an 8c on the whole planet.

Stefano has stood out over the last few years with some super hard lead ascents in a variety of styles. He ranked 2nd overall in the IFSC Climbing World Cup in 2017 and 2018.

However, 2021 was a great year for Stefano. Not only did he emerge 1st place in the IFSC Climbing World Cup in 2021, but also, he made his 2nd impressive ascent in Bibliographie the same year. Therefore, earned the best 9b+ record after his fellow competitor, Adam Ondra.

Fun Fact

Although the Bibliographie route was established as a 9c route by Alex Megos. However, after Stefano’s ascent at Bibliographie, he downgraded it from 9c to 9b+ with Alex Megos later consenting to it.


Stefano enjoys competitions because according to him, it’s always a challenge with his other opponents.

Prominent Feats

Today, Stefano Ghisolfi is recorded as the 4th climber in the world to redpoint a 9b+ route, Perfecto Mundo, in 2018. This, therefore, made the talented climber the 2nd climber in the world to redpoint 3 9b+ routes; Perfecto Mundo, Bibliographie, and Change.

Janja Garnbret

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The first-ever female Olympic Gold Medalist, Janja Garnbret, remains one of the best climbers in the world. The Slovenian female comes close to the rank of the top contenders in the men’s world. She was taken to a serious climbing gym after her parents discovered her fondness for climbing trees.

Janja started climbing at the age of 7 only to officially enter the climbing competition world at the age of 8. She went on to win her first European championship at the age of 13. And ever since, she has been unstoppable.

Janja dominated the Bouldering world cup winning gold in all 6 events in 2019, solving a total of 74 out of 78 bouldering problems. Only for her bouldering world cup streak of 9 wins to come to end in 2021 when she got 2nd place at Salt Lake City.

With 34 gold medals in both lead and bouldering to her name, she remains the dominant athlete on the planet.

“I try not to worry about being successful, I try to focus on having fun”. –Janja Garnbret.

Prominent Feats

  • Janja onsighted Fish Eye, an 8c (5.14a) route in Oliana, Spain–making her the first-ever female to onsight an 8c route.
  • Janja broke the world record of competition climbing by winning gold in all six bouldering events throughout 2019, solving a total of 74 of 78 bouldering problems.

Fun facts

Janja has surprisingly, never incurred any injury over the years of her climbing. She also made history together with Domen Skotic after climbing the whole 360metres of a chimney route–the longest, man-made climbing route in Europe.


Janja is a powerful competition climber described today as the beast of bouldering.

Adam Ondra

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Top on the list of the world’s best climbers alive today, and currently topping as number 1, is the exceptional Czech rock climber, Adam Ondra.

Adam was brought up in a family of climbers where his parents have been climbing for 35years. Adam was brought to the crags ever since he was 6. And at the age of 8, he was already climbing harder than his dad.

However, at age 6 was when his breakthrough began. He climbed a 5.10a route in Rovinj, Croatia. Ever since he has steadily been on his best game, gaining publicity and fame in climbing magazines as his feats became endless.

As of today, he has a whooping sum of 1761 ascents in the sports climbing ranking and a total of 18 gold medals to his name.

Adam’s series of accomplishments are way too many to fit into this article and not make it look just about him.

The young star is great at making climbing look so effortless. A true raw talent to have ever graced the planet.


Adam is good at everything and anything. Even though he has partaken in tons of competitions, he remains true to the outdoor climbing scene; ever on the lookout for more challenging rocks.

Prominent Feats

  • Adam broke a record by being the first-ever to flash 9a+ with his ascent at Supercrackinette, the notoriously hardest route in St. Leger, France.
  • He established the first 9b+ in the world, Change in 2012.
  • Finally, Adam is the only climber to redpoint the Silence route with a proposed grade of 9c in 2017.

Final Thoughts

No doubt, the world is lucky to have beheld these talented climbers. With even more other contenders that are worthy of the title.

Now you know the best climbers in the world today and what makes them unrivaled. The history of the next generation of climbers remains to unfold. Who knows? The next could outshine the feats of this present generation in the years to come.

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