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Gear Review: Gregory Sage Pack 35L

Gear Review: Gregory sage pack 35L: At the risk of losing all my street cred (crag cred?), I have to tell you that this is my first ever pack. You may remember me, I’m your friendly city-gal turned rock climbing blogger.  So as far as backpacks go I’ve owned, like, a super cute black Marc Jacobs one, oh, and this really adorable polka dot one I got from Forever 21. But I realized pretty quickly …

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Ice, Ice Baby: Beginner Ice Climbing Tips

Beginner ice climbing tips; Hopefully, Beth convinced you that ice climbing is rad and you should definitely give it a try. If not, re-read her article, then picture yourself clutching ice axes with Wolverine-like claws coming out of your boots, and tell me that lovely image doesn’t make you smile just a bit… Today Beth and Crux Crush share 6 tips to keep in mind for your first time out climbing ice. (As always, don’t …

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Guide To Climbing Pregnant

Guide to climbing pregnant: Climbing has become such an integral part of my life that it is difficult to imagine life without it. It is my main form of exercise and stress relief, a measurement of progress, a vehicle for pushing through challenges, as well as the outlet through which I’ve made some of my closest friends and continue to test and strengthen my relationship with my husband (and belay partner). For me, the thought …

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