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This is the first pair of shoes I’ve ever owned that has made me truly appreciate the competitive edge that comes from wearing shoes that are suitable for the activity you’re participating in. I’ve always known that wearing shoes that are appropriate for the activity you’re participating in gives you an advantage, but this pair of shoes has opened my eyes. In the past, I never paid much consideration to whether or not the shoes I was wearing were acceptable for the activity in which I was involved. 

There’s a good chance that at least part of it may be attributed to the fact that I’m becoming better, which implies that I’m picking up on more nuances as I move forward. This is something that may very certainly be considered plausible. On the other hand, the fact that this shoe has a badass design and was crafted with a lot of care and attention to detail is going to be the deciding factor in my choice.

Shoe Design

Chris Sharma is the one who is responsible for the design of this shoe, and he solicited feedback from some of the most well-known climbers in the world, such as Daila Ojeda, Steph Davis, Emily Harrington, Lisa Rands, and Ashima Shiraishi, so you can be certain that they took everything into consideration. This shoe was designed by Chris Sharma, who is also the one to thank for its overall aesthetic. 

During the construction of this specific pair of shoes, a low volume foot, also known as a foot that is narrower than usual, served as the primary inspiration for the design of the shoes. This was done to guarantee that the shoe would be able to survive ascents that were anywhere from moderately steep to extremely steep, including those that were overhung.

It would imply that you are interested in learning more about the possible advantages that may be obtained by donning this footwear. How does this iteration of the weapon fare when compared to the prior version of the Evolv Shaman that we tested and graded back in June? Continue reading if you want to learn more about this topic!  I just wanted to tell both of you that your family is adorable. 


A look at the original Shaman and its LV version, focusing on how they are different and how they are the same.

How Well Does It Fit?

Slim cut, with three velcro straps that may be adjusted individually to provide a customized fit. True to size.

It was much more difficult for me to find out how to size the men’s shoe, but the LV version fit great because it was true to my usual shoe size. I had a lot of trouble figuring out how to size the men’s shoes. The designer’s intention was perfectly executed by the fact that the new version has a fit that is obviously more fitted than the old one had. It’s possible that the toe box may use a little bit more breadth (which was one of the things that I enjoyed about the original Shamans).

But rather than being round, they are more like little rectangles. Therefore, if you have a foot that falls somewhere in the range of medium to narrow, you should look into purchasing them. I am able to get away with it due to the fact that the velcro on the opposing side allows for some degree of adjustability in the degree of snugness.

How Is Its Form?

This form has a shape that is rather forceful. Long, with a point that tapers out towards the end. Cute colors. Again, the triple Velcro is something that appeals to me.

To begin, I would want to comment on how wonderful the outside aspect of this shoe is. When you examine it, you will notice that the toe is not quite bent under as much, and the arch is not quite as raised as it was when it was first worn. My theory is that the success of this problem may be attributed to the length of the toe as well as the precision of the tip (I’ll clarify what I mean by that in just a second). Wearing the heel cup is a breeze because of how well it fits and how comfortable it is overall.

The “love bump” in the midsole helps fill up dead space beneath the toes, while the “knuckle box” gives room for the big toe, which keeps the foot locked into a strong stance. Together, these features assist make the shoe more comfortable. Additionally, this shoe was built with elements that are comparable to the original, such as the “knuckle box” that offers room for the big toe and the “love bump” in the midsole. These features are similar to the original since they were inspired by the original. In addition, the color scheme reminds me of dinosaurs (yes, I am aware that this does not make much sense; but, this is just how the colors are).



Functionality Wise?

Excellent for toe hooking and overhanging terrain. This is not a shoe for novices.

This shoe performs exceptionally well on climbs that are moderately steep to extremely overhung. When I’m suspended at a sharp incline, it enables me to truly plant my foot, have a good grip on my toe, and experience a greater sense of safety. That has not only bolstered my confidence but also increased the likelihood that I will give it a shot and challenge myself within that framework. 

When compared to the first iteration of the sneaker, the LV version of the shoe unquestionably possesses a higher degree of sensitivity. On the other hand, for climbs that need greater balance and slabby moves, I would prefer a shoe that has a higher degree of sensitivity. In terms of its capabilities for smearing and edging, I wouldn’t exactly call those stand-out characteristics. 

However, it seems perfectly acceptable to me, and it more than makes up for that is what it does on overhangs, so I have no qualms about that aspect of its performance. This shoe’s primary focus is on providing you with an advantage on steeper, more technical ascents. Bouldering is where it shines, but due to the quality of the fit, it’s also an excellent option for hard endurance climbs as well.

How Much Will It Set You Back?

The retail price is $185, and it is unquestionably money well spent.

 If you have low-volume feet and are looking for an excellent bouldering shoe or a climbing shoe that can handle steep terrain, I would suggest that this particular model is worth the investment.

Crush Status: In Love

What more could a woman want from something that makes her feel confident while also reassuring her that she is safe?

If you are interested in learning more about the various Evolv models and how they compare to one another, as well as if you are interested in learning more about the language that is used to describe climbing shoes, check out this chart. The chart provides a visual representation of all of the different Evolv models as well as an explanation of how each one compares to the others. I found it to be really interesting, so I thought I’d share the knowledge with you!



Have any of these two iterations of the shoe worked well for you as far as fit is concerned? What you have to say is something that we are interested in hearing.

-Climb On!


Photo Credits: Top photo and shoe chart from Evolv

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