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Confession: I’m going to start my confession right now since I have something important to say. The intention was for me to use this as my “girlfriend pack,” but it didn’t end up working out that way. You ladies know precisely what I am referring to and know exactly what I am talking about when I describe the little pack that has a capacity of 28 liters and is used to carry additional layers of clothes in addition to food and water.

The larger pack that my husband uses to carry his gear has a space capacity of fifty liters. I am fully aware of the fact that this may look very out of date, but there are some characteristics of chivalry that I will not be hesitant to make use of, and I will not apologize for doing so. It has been demonstrated that this pack is both large enough and flexible enough for me to carry everything I require for a day of sports climbing without the assistance of the larger bag that belongs to my spouse.

This has allowed me to eliminate the need to bring along the larger bag whenever I go climbing. This is the case regardless of the goals I hope to accomplish through the utilization of this bundle. Because of the features listed below, the Deuter Guide Lite 28 SL has become my go-to pack. Here’s how that came to be the case:

Fit: Keeping in mind at all times that “fit” is something that is both one-of-a-kind and subjective, I am able to state without any shadow of a doubt that this bag is the right answer for meeting my needs. Before I compared the fit of the Deuter SL (Slim Line) to the fit of my prior unisex packs, I didn’t give the fit of the Deuter SL (Slim Line) as much credit as I should have before I compared it to the fit of my previous unisex packs. The SL model is tailored to the proportions of a woman’s body.

The following graphic provides a comparison of the male and female SL packs, separating each of their distinctive characteristics into their own distinct category for the purpose of making reference to them more easily. The elements that stand out the most to me are the waist belt, which is curved and slanted; the shorter back length; and the straps, which are shorter and thinner overall. These are the parts that jumped out at me the most. Due to the fact that I used to be a gymnast and a swimmer before I got into climbing, my physique is very typical for someone of my height and background. At the moment, climbing is where most of my attention is directed (read: larger shoulders than the average bear).

There is no need to be concerned because this bag is ideal for ladies with shoulders that are either average or slightly smaller than average. We are all between 5’2″ and 5’5″ in height, but we all have quite distinct body shapes, ranging from athletic and wide to fit and hourglass-shaped. Our heights are all within the same range.

We are all around the same height, coming in at anywhere between 5’2″ and 5’5″ Our heights are roughly comparable, falling somewhere within the same broad range. Each of us was able to adapt the way that the pack fit to correspond with the particulars of our own bodies by making use of the pack’s five adjustment points. This allowed us to better carry our gear.

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Form: At long last, a product that is designed for female climbers that isn’t pink or decorated in flowers and is constructed just for them! There is just one flower, but it can be removed and is tied to a hair elastic that you can either retain for yourself or give to your niece who is seven years old like I did. You have the option of doing either. The way the colors mix, as well as the overall aesthetic of the pack, is something that truly appeals to me. The room’s predominant color is a soothing gray, which works wonderfully to tone down the room’s brilliant lemon yellow accent color. Without a shadow of a doubt, the designers at Deuter have accomplished an astounding amount of work!

Function: This climbing-specific backpack has a variety of helpful features, such as gear loops on the waist belt, attachment holes for a helmet holder, and daisy chains to fasten additional climbing gear. The main use of this climbing-specific backpack is to carry climbing equipment. During the off-season, ski attachments and ice ax loops are available for purchase; I plan to make use of both of these accessories during the upcoming winter season.

There is a capacity of 28 liters in the main compartment, but you may produce an additional 10 liters of the area by adjusting the height of the top. It is impossible to load all of your climbing gear inside of the backpack without doing this first. In the event that there is still an insufficient amount of space, you may secure your rope by utilizing the adjustable lid. Simply drape it over the cinch top and pull it tight.

There are two little zipper pockets for your additional items and valuables, one of which is positioned on the exterior of the lid and the other of which is disguised on the interior of the lid. These pockets are located on the exterior and interior of the lid, respectively. Because it is made of a material that is both very lightweight and sturdy, the pack may be beaten on without the wearer having to worry about the possibility of the item ripping. The fact that the only way in is from the top is the one thing that bothers me about it. It is driving me insane to know that in order to get to my climbing shoes, I will need to dig all the way to the bottom of the suitcase in order to find them.

Access points on the side or bottom of this pack would be precisely what I needed for it to be perfect in my eyes and earn a perfect five-star rating from me. To clarify the size, you will be able to put the basics for a day’s worth of sports climbing into this backpack, but for conventional climbing gear, you will probably want something larger. Check out the Deuter Guide 40+ SL  (This item is already sold out, – We highly recommend a better option Deuter Women’s Aircontact Lite 60+10 Sl) for a larger option that provides access not just from the bottom but also from the side!

Scoping out Waimea crag at Rumney

From Rumney, you can get a good view of the Waimea crag.

Finances: In terms of money, if you get the Deuter Guide Lite 28 SL at its full price of $149, you will need to shell out that amount. Nonetheless, I would not think twice about spending that amount on the pack. The price of the larger edition of the pack is going to be $179, which is merely an increase of $30 over the ordinary price.

 Crush Status: The degree of crush that it is now at is mega. The fact that this backpack fits well, is quite durable, and can be used for a variety of purposes more than makes up for the few small complaints I have about it. When I go hiking in the mountains or ice climbing, I anticipate that the sun will be shining for quite a long time. During the course of this winter, I will make it a point to keep you informed.

Climb on!

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