Waterval Boven Climbing

Waterval Boven, which translates to Above Waterfall in Dutch, was first built in 1898 as a railroad terminal and is named for the waterfall in the Elands River. At the base of the South Hills, on the edge of the escarpment in the Drakensberg Mountains, is the settlement of Waterval Boven. It is full of historical landmarks and structures that have been designated as national monuments.

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The former President Paul Kruger lived at this house in 1900 before fleeing to exile in Europe. There are also the ancient Tunnel and Five Arch bridges. From the opening of the former railway tunnel, one can see the Elands River Waterfall. In the area, people enjoy trout fishing and horseback riding. The Elkandskrans Trail features a 30-minute train journey between Waterval Boven and Waterval Onder in addition to a variety of hiking routes.

The Waterval Boven Trout Association has many dams and rivers that are suitable for fly fishing. The Elands River Fly Shop sells all types of fly-fishing gear and is more than pleased to offer you advice on where to go for the best experience and how to catch the big one. The world-famous rock-climbing cliffs provide challenges for the most daring outdoor enthusiast. Try hiking or swimming in one of the many mountain swimming holes if you’re looking for something a little more relaxed.

Popular Places To Visit In Waterval Boven

·         Wathaba Hiking Trail

Only three hours from Johannesburg and Pretoria, the stunning Wathaba Hiking Trails are located 20.8 kilometers from Machadodorp on the way to Badplaas. With its peace and gorgeous surroundings, this hiking location in Mpumalanga provides all hikers and wildlife enthusiasts with a little bit of heaven. The Skurweberg Mountains’ Wathaba wilderness region is home to stunning waterfalls as well as flora and fauna including lichens, wildflowers, and mushrooms. The breathtaking WATHABA RAINBOW FALLS and a natural pool surrounded by wildflowers and thick forest flora are just a 3-minute stroll upstream from the base camps.

·         The LYNX Loop And BOSBOKROETE

There are two clearly designated hiking routes with many different tree and bird species, natural flowers, and waterfalls. The LYNX LOOP is around 10 km long, whereas the BOSBOKROETE is 4 km. The 10 km Lynx Loop has excellent signage. There are five waterfalls, and the walk passes by each one of them. Fertility Falls, the Cascades, Kiepersolval, Varingval, and Lana’s pool. Beautiful pools with crystal-clear water may be found in several of the waterfalls. Along the clearly defined route, there are several stairs, ladders, and bridges. The 4-mile Bosbokroete route is quite well signposted and very simple. The Schoonspruit River runs beside the whole course. On your left, you cross the Wathaba Rainbow Falls, which are visible from above.

·         Hallucinogen Wall

The area’s most well-known crag and by far the best for beginners, with plenty of fantastic alternatives for more experienced climbers as well! This one contains a huge surprise. as in a huge, slightly terrifying one! To discover out, you’ll have to give it a try.

One of the best places in South Africa for sports climbing is Tranquilitas. Over 600 hard sandstone sport routes of the highest caliber may be found in the Waterval Boven region. The crags are reachable after a short stroll.  Here are some other climbing walls that you can try in Waterval Boven

·         Freak-On – Oh God No Wall

·         Lotter’s Desire – Superbowl

·         The Bovenator – Baboon Buttress

·         Jack of All Trades – Oh God No Wall

When To Visit

  • Seasons in South Africa are the reverse of those in Europe and North America because it is in the southern hemisphere. Remember that the summers are wet and the winters are dry in Africa.
  • Boven climbing is accessible virtually all year long. There is very little rain (if any) from April to October. Daytime highs range from 45 to 70 degrees, while overnight lows range from sub-zero to 40 degrees.
  • Since most of the crags are in the shadow by midday and are located at a height of roughly 6000 feet above sea level, it is rarely excessively hot throughout the summer. Although it seldom gets beyond 85, it can go down below 60.
  • In any season, pack a down jacket. You’ll also need a raincoat from late November to early February, which is mid-summer. Thunderstorms in the afternoon are common, although the granite dries up rapidly after the rain, making climbing doable most days.
  • If you have flexibility in your schedule and are seeking the ideal times to go, late February to the end of May and early September both provide great weather with little chance of rain. Additionally, you will delight in the beautiful, green environment at its finest!

Unquestionably, Waterval Boven boasts some of the top bolted sport climbing routes in the whole globe. Grades range from 4 to 8c and are made of bullet-hard orange sandstone! Additionally, the rest day includes a safari in Kruger, one of Africa’s largest game parks and a destination worth traveling halfway around the world for. You won’t find Boven’s personality and charm anyplace else in the world.

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